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A new round of questions about resumes and job interviews is coming

shine traders limited – live

Last week, We invited professional mentors to share resume interview tips and answer questions in our offer community.

I hope I can help you on your way to autumn

1. What is the difference between the resume posted on the official website of the enterprise and the apps of major recruitment agencies?

There’s really no difference.

At present, there are not many enterprises using their OWN IT and resume processing platforms, and most of them will use third-party cooperation platforms for processing.

Although the resume is posted on the official website, it will enter the third-party platform processor, so as to unify the channel and save labor and time costs.

There will also be multi-channel and multi-platform recruitment. While increasing post exposure, there will be a large number of resumes involved. More people need to maintain and deal with different channels, and a lot of repetitive work is likely to occur.

No matter on the official website or third-party platforms, the last person to receive the resume is the HR of the enterprise, so don’t worry.

2. How should FMCG companies fill out their resumes?

All resumes have very different writing rules, based on the job recruitment JD, to sort out the individual’s ability.

First of all, academic degree is definitely a hard plus. Secondly, the FMCG industry will pay more attention to the internship experience of applicants, so the internship experience related to the position must be presented in the resume with data and results, so as to get extra points.

3. If the previous internship work is relatively simple and there is no good data, the only point is that the position is relatively appropriate, how should I modify the internship experience?

It is recommended that you use your experience in school or internship, such as writing campaign papers, or other content that highlights your copywriting skills.

Secondly, if you have the experience of operating the platform is better, such as operating the public account, even if not fully responsible, but you know how to operate can be written on the resume, prove that you have the corresponding ability.

Of course, if you have a better operation effect, such as how much reading and forwarding of the public number of articles you write, forwarded by the official account of the school.

4, the first pass, the second from what aspects of preparation?

The first and most important thing is to have a comprehensive understanding of the company you want to apply for, including corporate culture, company nature, main products and so on. When the interviewer asks you a question about it, you’ll be able to answer it.

Secondly, you should show that you are suitable for this position, so that the HR feels that you are the right candidate, and you can prepare some of your abilities to match it according to the needs of the position.

Finally, you can prepare some questions you want to know in advance, such as what is the future development path of this position?

shine traders limited - live
shine traders limited – live

5, fill in the resume when the “training experience”, is that kind of unit organization just count or listen to the network course textual research also count?

Both, but not all of your training should be on your resume.

Any training experience relevant to the position can be listed on the resume. If there is no training related to the position, but that part of the content must be written, you can write some helpful training experience for their growth.

6, some companies need a written test or assessment, how to practice

About written test practice, in fact, this year’s job hunting network is relevant written test data, evaluation of the words we also have small program, you can go to understand, in fact, no shortcut, is to see more.