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What certificates do project managers need to take

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The project manager can work in different industries, so the project manager can obtain corresponding certificates according to the work plan and job requirements. The types of certificates that can be obtained are as follows:

1. Construction or electromechanical industry

Construction or mechanical and electrical enterprises require project managers to have safety officer B certificate, second grade Construction engineer certificate or first grade construction engineer certificate. The difficulty of these three certificates is gradually increasing, and candidates can choose according to their needs.

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2. Software related industries

Software companies need project managers who are proficient in programming languages, understand testing and front-end knowledge. Such project managers can obtain the soft test qualification certificate.

3. Other industries

All project managers, including software construction and electromechanical companies, can obtain the PMP certification. The PMP certification is recognized internationally and issued by the Project Management Institute of the United States. Many companies require applicants to hold the PMP certificate when recruiting project managers.