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Requirements and school introduction of studying abroad for art and Design Majors in Japan

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In addition to animation and comics, art and design in Japan has always been a leader in the world, and many people have appeared in the fields of industrial design, graphic design, architectural design and so on. For example, the world-famous architectural and industrial designer yasuke kurakawa, the Japanese product design master Naoto Kanazawa, the art director of Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Muji Yamamoto, the new leader of the Japanese fashion wave, Yaoji Yamamoto, all have a. Japan is also one of the countries where students aspire to study art and design. So how can they successfully enter Japan’s art universities? Today, Mr. Shao Zhongzhuo will talk about the requirements of art major and introduce the school.

1、 Requirements for studying in Japanese art major:

1. Japanese

Japanese is a necessary condition for studying in Japan, but the requirements for art students are relatively low compared with other majors. Generally, Japanese is required to be above N2. In fact, the better the level of Japanese, the faster you can adapt after going abroad, and enter the learning state as soon as possible. At the same time, it is also conducive to communication with students and teachers.

2. Works collection

The collection of works is the key factor for whether art students can be admitted and at which level. Different colleges and universities have different requirements for art works collection, and even different professional examiners in the same college will have different evaluation criteria. Now there are many art private schools in Japan, and many language schools also have guidance courses for art promotion. Students can choose such guidance courses according to their own situation.

3. Interview

In the process of studying in Japan, the interview is also an essential link. Many students passed the written test but failed in the interview. Therefore, it is recommended that students grasp the interview requirements in advance and prepare for the interview in advance.

4. Educational qualifications and study abroad funds and other conditions

The school will conduct the final examination according to the comprehensive situation of the registered students.

2、 Introduction to Japanese art and Design Universities:

1. Tokyo University of Art

The only National Art University in Japan is the cradle of most famous painters and artists in Japan. It is unanimously recognized as the highest artist training institution in Japan.

2. Kyoto Municipal University of Art

The local public university is the most representative art university in western Japan.

3. Tama University of Fine Arts

Private university, now the largest art university in Japan. It is also one of the five most beautiful universities in Tokyo.

4. Musashino University of Fine Arts

Private university, formerly the Imperial Academy of fine arts, which began in 1929. Japan is the art specialized higher education institution with the most disciplines and the largest education scale.