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What is the Hong Kong Postgraduate Scholarship

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HKU Postgraduate Scholarship:

There are more than 50 kinds of scholarships involving mainland students, ranging from 2000 to 10000 Hong Kong dollars. The payment conditions take into account the students’ professional performance and project performance. Most of the colleges and departments that award scholarships are engineering, art, law, pharmacy and science. There are also special scholarships for cold majors such as Buddhism. In addition, you can also apply for economic subsidies of HK $10000-30000.

Postgraduate Scholarship of the Chinese University of Hong Kong:

Mainland students who meet certain conditions can apply for more than 15 types of scholarships, with varying amounts, up to about 200000. The payment conditions shall take into account the professional performance and working years of students.

Hong Kong Graduate Scholarship

Postgraduate Scholarship of Hong Kong University of science and technology:

The amount ranges from HK $5000 to HK $200000, which is mainly provided to outstanding master’s students of engineering and business schools. There are about 18 kinds of scholarships that mainland students can apply for, mainly considering students’ professional performance and project performance.

City University of Hong Kong Graduate Scholarship:

Scholarships for masters mainly include mainland student scholarships, admission scholarships, best thesis scholarships, outstanding graduate scholarships, etc. among them, business schools, departments of management and marketing have set up a number of scholarships. Scholarships range from HK $5000 to half of the tuition fees, with a maximum of HK $160000. In addition, a small number of majors in law schools and engineering schools also have corresponding scholarships.

Postgraduate Scholarship of Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

Scholarships for graduate students mainly include yalandulin admission scholarship, outstanding graduate scholarship, Kowloon investment scholarship, Tuition Reduction scholarship and a number of scholarships provided by some colleges; The principle of awarding is based on the student’s entrance performance, student’s academic performance, graduation thesis or project. The amount ranges from HK $10000 to half of the tuition fee. The majors include Chinese as a foreign language, translation, hotel, occupational therapy, e-commerce and so on.

Hong Kong Baptist University Graduate Scholarship:

Undergraduate students who have studied linguistics and obtained a second-class scholarship or above or passed CET-8 can obtain a scholarship of HK $5000 – 30000 issued by the Academy of Arts. HKBU undergraduate, hkbu-sce and UIC students who stay in school after graduation and continue to study mscgmm can apply for a lifelong learning award of HK $10000. For operations research and business statistics, scholarships ranging from HK $5000 to HK $50000 are awarded according to the first year’s GPA.

Hong Kong Lingnan University Postgraduate Scholarship:

Scholarships for master’s students mainly include Lingnan cultural research award, best Thesis Award, best academic performance award, admission scholarship and some professional scholarships. Awards include scholarship, dormitory guarantee and living allowance. The amount ranges from HK $3000 to HK $152000. Award based on students’ academic performance.

Postgraduate Scholarship of the Hong Kong University of Education:

Various colleges set up various scholarships to reward students who have outstanding academic and leadership skills.