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English majors should be familiar with TESOL Certificate. I didn’t go home because of the epidemic, so I stayed in Canada for research. But now there are many TESOL projects, hundreds to thousands, and the duration is different. So now I would like to share my own learning experience, hoping to be helpful to my partners:

The certificate I obtained is a TESL Canada certified version that can teach adult students.

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I have roughly studied that the main differences between cheap and expensive TESOL projects are as follows:

1. Those with low tuition fees generally do not have teacher guidance, mainly self-study in the whole process; The most expensive thing is that you have instructor guidance.

2. The cheap ones are generally online self-study and obtain electronic certificates. The expensive ones are generally field study and can obtain paper certificates.

3. Generally, the whole process of self tracking is cheap, and the learning rhythm is completely controlled by yourself. Expensive may be similar to full-time learning for a period of time.

4. In terms of gold content, paper certificates are higher. If you go to some physical institutions or international schools, you may need to provide certificates. However, electronic teaching is more convenient and fast, which is suitable for applying for online teaching posts.

5. As for which one to choose, it depends on personal needs. Some native English speakers with poor economic conditions will learn several hundred yuan. It is not difficult to find a job in a developing country directly after learning.

Entry threshold:

1. Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for either

2. For non-native speakers, online courses generally seem to have lower requirements for IELTS scores, while the entity ones have requirements for IELTS scores. For example, the official website of the local language center in Canada I chose said that the requirements for non-native speakers are IELTS four 7S.

It happened that my previous IELTS a score in China had not expired, so I signed up for a full-time study from May to June.


Because I personally think the gold content of paper is higher, I chose a local formal institution with a registration fee of more than 1500 yuan (distressed). At the same time, the teaching section I chose can teach adult ESL students, both adults and minors in the future. I also have friends who reported hundreds of projects online.

Learning process

Because of the epidemic, our current session is an online class, but there are teachers throughout the course. 100 hours of theoretical study plus 20 hours of practice (this time also changed to online). Finally, the teacher scores, and the certificate can be obtained only after passing all the courses and internships.

Learning difficulty:

Theoretical learning is homework + small test. The number of tests is basically unlimited. As long as they pass, the homework needs to meet the basic requirements. The amount of homework is very large, but it is not difficult. The test is attitude.

Internship is to teach ESL students. Send the teaching plan and courseware to supervisor in advance, and then supervisor will score your class. As long as the expression is smooth and there is no hard injury, you can generally pass. I was assigned to teach a group of adult students in Brazil this time. They were all nice. Finally, I passed the internship successfully.

After more than a month’s study, this time there are only seven or eight students in a class, basically all local whites, and only me and another student are foreign students. There are two instructors. One of them is casual and has a little water. The other is very serious in class and often drags the class, so it’s just a balance. It’s a little tired and relaxed day by day lol. Then the supervisor i chose is very experienced in teaching (I need to listen to several classes from different ESL teachers before, and then choose one as your supervisor).

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