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Outside the nickname! UCL has a business school

shine trader limited reports:

Cold knowledge: there was no business school before UCL, only the school of management! The school of management, established in August 2015, replaces the previous department of management science and innovation.

So this business school is the first business school worthy of the name of UCL!

From the official microblog, we can know that the new business school is called UCL global business school for health. It is the first business school focusing on health in the world. It will be officially established at 5:55 p.m. UK time on September 29, and an online inaugural ceremony will be held.

It seems that it’s not thunder, the rain is small (there’s no connotation UCL)

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At present, the business school will set up three new teaching master programs this year. 22fall application will be opened in October, which are:

MSc biotechnology and pharmaceutical management

MSc Global Healthcare Management with routes

MSc digital health and Entrepreneurship

Now Junjun will take you to see one by one——

Biotechnology and drug management

MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management

With the increasing demand for developing new drugs to deal with emerging global medical problems, it is becoming more and more important to apply business thinking to this health field.

Therefore, this major is to combine business with biotechnology and pharmacy, involving the discipline of pharmacoeconomics, regulations and market access, and finally realize the idea of drugs or biotechnology products from the experimental stage to the market.