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2022qs graduates’ employment competitiveness ranking released

shine trader reports:

There is a widely circulated passage in the study circle: “study abroad for millions, with a monthly salary of 3000.”

This is a sad story: many people always feel that the investment / return is out of proportion after studying abroad. Especially in this epidemic era, Jun Jun deeply understands the problem of employment difficulties.

Therefore, when you apply, you’d better collect more information and rationally evaluate the cost performance of the selected project. If you study the school / major you really like and have good employment prospects, you won’t feel “worthless”.

Recently, QS released the employment competitiveness ranking of 2022 graduates. This ranking includes 550 universities in the world, 50 more than last year. It is the largest ranking of graduates’ employment competitiveness in QS history.

According to the ranking released by QS and in combination with the 2021 UK graduate employment market report launched by high fliers research in the first half of the year, Junjun hopes to provide partners with a relatively practical perspective on future employment and let everyone know more about whether the British institutions they choose can meet their future employment needs.

Evaluation indicators and weights

Let’s start with the QS ranking. The scores of each university are composed of five carefully selected indicators. In addition to the reputation of employers, all indicators currently used are unique to QS graduates’ employment competitiveness ranking. The details are as follows:

● employer’s reputation (30%)

● alumni output (25%)

● employer Cooperation (25%)

● employer student interaction (10%)

● graduate employment rate (10%)

Overall highlights of QS ranking

The most representative countries in this ranking are the United States (90 universities on the list) and the United Kingdom (54 universities on the list).

The Massachusetts Institute of technology, Stanford University and the University of California, Los Angeles have ranked among the top 3 in the world for three consecutive years.

Oxford University, UK, entered the top 10 and ranked seventh. On the whole, among the institutions listed in the UK, G5 occupies the top 6, and its graduates’ employability is as reliable as the reputation of the institution!

UK Top Universities

In this ranking, there are 54 universities in the UK, of which 14 are among the top 100 in the world. Oxford, Cambridge and University College London were among the top 20.

Top1 Oxford University

World ranking: 7 employability score 96.7

It is listed as the university most loved by British business giants in 2020-2021

Oxford University has outstanding performance in the indicators of “employer reputation” and “alumni achievement”, and each evaluation content has obtained 100 points. In addition to Oxford, MIT, Stanford University and Harvard University also have this achievement all over the world.

Top2 Cambridge University

World ranking: 11 employability score: 94

It is listed as the university most loved by British business giants in 2020-2021

Cambridge University is a world leader in engineering. The university has a high academic status and extensive influence in many subject fields. In addition, the University maintains close innovative cooperation with enterprises, charitable foundations and health care institutions. In order to better help students find jobs, Cambridge University provides students with job search services, including 1-to-1 consultation, 14 major job fairs every year, and a large amount of job vacancy information. It can be said that the better the better, the harder, so Cambridge’s employability score of 94 is well deserved.

Top3 University College London

World ranking: 20 employability score 89.6

It is listed as the university most loved by British business giants in 2020-2021

The median annual salary (starting salary) of UCL master graduates is about £ 30000.

In order to better serve graduates’ job hunting, UCL can provide a series of employment guidance services to help students establish entrepreneurial thinking. Such services include joining the entrepreneurship incubation program, venture capital competition, meeting with outstanding students, etc. they are effective in improving students’ employability and inspiring students to start businesses.