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UK study abroad application

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01 what is the best time to apply for a master’s degree in the UK?

The master’s program in Britain officially opens around the end of September every year. Generally, British universities begin to accept applications one year in advance. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants should apply from September to march of the next year.

Individual universities or majors have clearly specified application deadlines, which need to be checked on the University’s official website. In addition, general universities will close the application entrance in advance if the applicants are full.

02 how to choose teaching and Research Masters?

These two master’s courses are one-year postgraduate courses. The teaching type is mainly lectures, lectures and papers. Most of them are practical majors, with reference to the domestic undergraduate education system.

The research application is more difficult than the teaching type, because it takes a certain research topic as the main goal and needs a certain research ability, research direction or research results, which is usually the front of the doctor.

03 what aspects do admissions officers usually examine students from?

British universities usually comprehensively consider the following backgrounds of students: the situation of undergraduate schools (whether it is 211 / 985, commonly known as list), the average score of undergraduate courses, whether the undergraduate majors and the majors to be applied for are related, IELTS scores, papers reflecting the professional level, activities related to experiments and applied majors, internships, etc.

04 what are the characteristics of the ranking of British universities on each list?

The times: the United Daily, with a conservative style and similar status to Chinese, attaches importance to theory and research. The details of campus facilities, employment rate and students’ feelings are not taken into account, which is more beneficial to the traditional “red brick” University. You know, the old pride of Britain.

The guardian: the China times, with its trendy and radical style and similar status to Chinese, attaches importance to practice and teaching, and will also consider students’ views on the University. This ranking is more favorable for the new university.

QS: the ranking of schools most valued by foreign students includes many universities in the world. The ranking focuses on academic research. The reference data is also academic reputation, student popularity and international popularity. Therefore, many schools with a long history in the UK can take advantage of the ranking.

05 how many schools are the best to apply for in the UK at a time?

It varies from person to person and there is no standard answer. It is suggested that there should be 6 universities, 2 sprints, 2 excesses and 2 minimum guarantees. Although the UK does not limit the number of universities to apply for, too much is better than less. Blind “Haishen” will cause a waste of money and energy.

Therefore, the number of schools to apply for is best matched reasonably, and the grade must be opened. After all, it is not good to refuse or record all. The former is a complete tragedy, and the latter is inevitably unwilling.

06 what is the difference between conditional and unconditional offers and CAS?

There are two kinds of offers: conditional offer and unconditional offer.

Unconditional offer: this means that the applicant has met all the requirements of the University and has been officially accepted. Within the validity period, as long as the applicant accepts the offer and pays the first tuition advance to the University, he can get the confirmation of acceptance for study (CAS) and officially become a student of the University.

Conditional offer: if the main conditions of the application (education, work experience, etc.) have met the university admission requirements, but individual application materials are too late to submit (such as IELTS score, graduation certificate, etc.), the university can give a conditional offer after review , the school will give an unconditional offer after the applicant completes the remaining supplementary materials and meets the application requirements.

Conditional offer cannot obtain university admission confirmation (CAS) and cannot apply for a study visa. Therefore, the first step in applying for study in the UK is to obtain the unconditional offer of the University.

CAS: the so-called offer is only a letter of intent that the school is willing to accept the application of students. Students can receive the confirmation of studying abroad, that is, CAS, only after they accept the offer and pay the first tuition advance to the school.

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07 do you have to wait for ya to think about it before applying?

Although English achievement is very important, there is no need to stick to it, otherwise it is easy to miss a good opportunity to apply for a British university. If you don’t get a satisfactory IELTS score at present, you can also seize the time to apply for a university and get a conditional admission notice first. After all, the admission quota of a university is limited, and it is first come, first served.

08 I don’t look for institutions. Can DIY apply to British institutions?

All roads lead to Rome. DIY can certainly go to English schools, but you’d better have the following qualities:

Leisure: spend a lot of time studying the requirements and prospects of applying for the major of the school, preparing all kinds of materials, etc.

Can you write gorgeous PS and translate more than N documents by yourself? Do you really intend to write all kinds of pure English materials at the level of IELTS writing 6?

Clear positioning for yourself: you can’t divide equally. Is it right if you don’t apply? At the same time, you must have a strong heart to face a series of things such as applying for a school in the early stage, applying for a visa and applying for a dormitory in the later stage.

09 undergraduate course is three in China. Can you apply for postgraduate study in the UK?

If you only want a graduate degree from any British university, it must be no problem! However, if you want to apply for the top 20 British famous university, you can only say that it depends on your luck. After all, except for some wonderful British universities that are not 211 and 985, most schools will decide whether to admit you or not according to your application materials.

Which university in Britain is easier to apply for?

For this painful question, the answer is: pheasant universities all over the world are easy to apply. Pheasant universities are regardless of nationality and region, and the application difficulty is only low or high! However, if you want to apply for a serious British university, no one can let you go in with your eyes closed. Strategy, research, situation and major are indispensable.

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