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2022 eight skills that must be mastered to study abroad

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1. Psychological self-regulation ability

In many skills that need students’ attention, psychological state is the premise of everything. A good mental state is the basis of good study and life.

After experiencing the initial freshness, foreign students often can’t find the motivation to do things because they are confused about their own identity and identity crisis. In addition, the pressure and loneliness of studying abroad exacerbate their negative emotions. At this age, many students may experience a confused stage of self-awareness and life. They have no goal and can’t find the meaning of learning, but they have to learn because of the expectation of their parents and feel depressed.

Solve tips

Explore new things

If you are not interested in the previous things and don’t know what you want, you need to explore and try new things, such as volunteering, exploring new hobbies, etc. This process may take a long time, but as long as you keep trying and experience your most sincere ideas, you will find what you want one day.

Selectively ignore some external judgment of yourself

The expectations of others and ourselves will have a great impact on our feelings, especially when we are not sure of our hearts. Don’t let social standards limit what kind of person you will become, and don’t let social standards for age, gender or cultural groups or limit what you have to do. What you feel about yourself and what you want is the most important. For a long time, being true to yourself will also give yourself psychological and physical health, and make you happier and more meaningful.

Seek help and support

Seeking help from the outside world and understanding can be well alleviated. For example, people like friends or mentor can talk about their feelings and thoughts. If there is a lack of people around you who can tell the truth, and the pressure and negative emotions cannot be adjusted by yourself, you need to seek the help of psychological professionals in time.

2. Time management ability

In fact, time management ability must be cultivated before students study abroad. When to plan to study abroad, when to prepare for internship / scientific research, when to obtain language standardization results, and how to pinch the time node to fill in and submit materials online, all these problems need to have a clear concept of time, that is to say, all these are actually rehearsals when foreign students study abroad.

There are still many things to do when studying abroad. Time planning sounds simple, but it’s not that easy. Whether it’s studying hard, participating in extracurricular activities, socializing or working outside school, all the time arrangements should be decided by yourself. A careless person can easily lose balance between learning and other activities. Especially at the end of the term, exams and a lot of papers are crowded together, so it is more important to plan the time.

Solve tips

Make reasonable and effective plans

A good plan is in line with human nature, clear route and easy to implement.

Small partners can sort out the contents they need to complete every day, and then arrange them in order of importance; Then, according to their own situation (in which time period they pay more attention, are more efficient, etc.), arrange things roughly in a flexible time, and finally implement them according to the plan.

Make good use of fragment time

The time to get up for breakfast, the way back to the dormitory after class, and the free time on the weekend can be used effectively. You can put some personal hobbies, such as listening to songs, watching plays and reading novels, into these fragments of time. Set aside more time for study and other activities.

3. Language communication ability

Many foreign students are afraid or embarrassed to speak because of communication barriers, which greatly affects the foreign students’ making friends. When you can’t accurately express your thoughts, your personality charm can’t be displayed, which will affect everyone’s desire to make friends with you.

Many foreign students worry that their exports will be wrong, so they live with an attitude of “less talk, less mistakes, not good”, and their ability has not been greatly improved.

When most foreign students first arrive abroad, they will experience a period of “deaf mute period”, unable to understand others and express their views. Even if there are some Xueba level figures with IELTS score of 7.5 or above, they will find that even if they understand what the teacher is talking about in class, they can’t understand what the students are communicating between classes, while those at the medium level often make jokes because they don’t know what homework the teacher has left and when to take the exam. So, how can we understand?

Solve tips

Communicate more with local students

On the one hand, we can learn together with local students, which can not only better understand the learning methods and habits of students in different countries, but also greatly promote the ability of conversation and self-expression.

Participate in more local activities

On the other hand, participate in more local cultural activities, participate in some local students’ favorite associations on campus, and participate in sports, student gatherings and parties with them.

Improve your vocabulary and use it skillfully

Read original books and newspapers and expand your vocabulary. And we should know when to use it and how to use it, and this awareness is a long-term cultivation process, so we should practice it unremittingly. Otherwise, no matter how high your vocabulary is, if you can’t use it, you still can’t understand it when communicating with others!

4. Teamwork ability

During studying abroad, there is a form of homework that needs everyone to work together to complete, that is group work. Group work exercises not only everyone’s academic research ability, but also everyone’s teamwork ability, communication ability and leadership ability.

In addition to professional knowledge, it also requires perfect cooperation between teams to complete group work.

Solve tips

1. Initial familiarization stage

Start with self introduction and communication of their understanding of the subject, quickly alleviate the “embarrassing” atmosphere and make the whole get along in harmony. Then clarify the requirements of group work, disassemble and quantify the tasks to ensure a reasonable and clear division of labor. Plan the time node for completing the operation and reach a consensus.