Follow the example of an idol to forge ahead and keep working hard

Some time ago, a high school girl in Foshan became obsessed

Although such behavior is a little inappropriate, but parents can understand the mood.

 Follow the example of an idol to forge ahead and keep working hard

Sometimes it can be really annoying for kids to chase stars.As a parent, how should you treat?

Some time ago, a high school girl in Foshan obsessed with star news on the hot search.

According to the mother, her daughter seems to be in a cult, with only star worship in her mind and no desire to learn.

She would call out her sleeping mother in the middle of the night and ask her mother to transfer money to buy her idol’s new song. She was in a high mood.

Not only that, in order to buy products endorsed by idols, she even borrowed money from her classmates.Hundreds and hundreds of dollars are spent regardless of whether they need it or not and whether they can afford it later.

What worries her mother more is that the girl has no brain to chase the star before and after the cliff-fall grades.

Language dropped from 105 to 21;Math dropped from 60 to 9;English goes straight from 128 to 0;The scores in these three main subjects went straight from 293 to 30…

Such behaviour is not unique.

In the variety show “Don’t Leave After School,” 16-year-old Chen Siyuan once said that starchasing is her life.

Her family is not rich, she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in chasing stars, often hanging in the airport to watch idols, not only delayed the study time, even was issued a notice of suspension from school, but she did not care about it.

In order to support their idol, some fans not only pay their own money, but also encourage other fans to strive for kryptonite.

Many parents don’t understand why their children are obsessed with stars.

Psychologist Erik Erikson said: People seek self-identity from birth.Idolatry is a way to gain self-identity.

To put it bluntly, star-worshiping is mostly because children have not found “themselves”.

At an early age, children develop a symbiotic relationship with their parents, believing that their parents are their world.

When children go through the childhood of ignorance, they will slowly out of their parents’ “control”.

In the face of a more complicated world, before a stable self-image has been established in a child’s mind, he will intuitively seek out “who am I?The answer to.

They subconsciously focus on those who have the qualities they admire, and stars as public figures become the first people they admire.

Researchers have shown that star-worshippers tend to have lower self-evaluations and self-esteem, and that the attractiveness and qualities of their idols fulfill many of their expectations.

Chasing stars is actually the pursuit of “self”.

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  1. People who worship stars have lower self-evaluation and self-esteem. The attractiveness and qualities of idols meet many of their expectations, allowing them to think freely.Thank you for your sharing.

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