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2022times UK university ranking released

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On September 17, 2021, the times & Sunday Times published the 2022 good university guide. As one of the three rankings in the UK, it is not only a ranking with high recognition in the UK, but also a ranking with the longest history and the most authoritative universities in the UK. Let’s take a look at this year’s situation~

2022 Times UK university ranking index

Teaching quality

Student experience

Research quality

Average UCAS tariff points for entry

Graduate prospects

First / 2:1s awarded

Degree completion rates

Student staff ratios

Service / Facilities Spend

List of top 10 institutions

St Andrews University surpassed Oxford and Cambridge universities this year and rose to the top of the list for the first time! Compared with the ranking in 2021, the top five universities in the list remain the same, but the ranking has changed. Oxford University ranks second, Cambridge University ranks third, and the 4th and 5th are still Imperial College of technology and London School of politics and economics, but the positions have changed.

From the top 6-10 of the list, Durham University remained unchanged, ranking No. 6. UCL rose one place to No. 7, while Warwick University rose two places to No. 8. Bath University still ranked No. 9, while Loughborough University fell three places to No. 10. Lancaster University, which ranked No. 10 with Warwick University last year, fell one place to No. 11 this year.

Three universities have made great progress and successfully ranked among the top 20:

King’s College London rose 12 places to 18th

Aberdeen University rose 7 places over last year, ranking 20th

The University of Clyde rose 6 places to 17th

Why did Niu Jian miss the top of the list

This is the first time that Niu Jian’s monopoly position has been broken since the ranking has been carried out for more than 30 years, but it is not surprising that Sheng’an can rank first this time.

First of all, the University of St. Andrews has always been stable in the top five or even the top three among the three major rankings in the UK; in this year’s NSS UK student satisfaction university ranking, the University of St. Andrews also won the first place in the UK.

In the guardian’s 2022 ranking, St. Ann also ranks in the top three this year. Last year’s ranking even surpassed Cambridge to the second. The position of the top three overlords all year round is stable, which shows the noble status and scientific research ability of this “British Royal University” in the hearts of the British people;

It has not only trained many royal family members, but also first-class campus environment, learning experience and scientific research strength.

Secondly, according to the ranking official, the University of St. Andrews reached the top this time mainly because it made more satisfactory arrangements for students during the epidemic.

During the epidemic period, the University shifted the small class teaching mode to online teaching. The satisfaction in the survey of students in the whole UK decreased only slightly, but the scores of other institutions basically “fell precipitously”.

In terms of academic research, St Andrews has scored high in the recent framework of excellence, especially its cooperation with the University of Edinburgh in chemistry and physics.

The school is also known for its marine research, pioneering medical work and the Handa Center for terrorism and political violence.

In addition, during the epidemic, small class teaching also had more advantages, which also helped St. Ann rush to the first place in this ranking.