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Study in Russia: what is the cost of studying in preparatory courses

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To study in Russia, students have to take a year’s preparatory course first. What is the purpose of this year’s preparatory course? Next, cloud Education Technology Group will tell you why you have to study in Russia. What is the cost of studying in the preparatory course.

Advantages of Russian preparatory courses

1. Matriculation is a great opportunity to learn Russian

Matriculation is a great opportunity to learn Russian and understand Russian society. For language, through learning and communication with professional Russian teachers in preparatory course, you can lay a stable foundation for your language. Only when the language foundation is laid, can we find the way to get started and summarize the most suitable learning methods, so as to improve ourselves faster than other students. And only in the preparatory stage is there no interference from external factors, pure language learning. All the activities of the preparatory department are carried out around language learning. When students enter the first year of University and graduate school, language learning is a minor course, or even cancelled. Therefore, during this period of matriculation, we should especially cherish the opportunity to learn.

2. Another important task of preparatory course is to understand Russian society and culture

For students, preparatory courses are not only a kind of “preparation” in learning, but also a kind of psychological preparation, which is very important for their future academic life. Therefore, in the preparatory department, another important task is to understand Russian life and culture. In order to successfully live and study in this foreign country of Russia for several years, it is absolutely impossible not to understand this country.

3. Matriculation is a good buffer period and lays a solid foundation for future study

Because of the cultural differences between the two countries, you may not know how to speak Russian. Whether you have a basic knowledge of Russian or not, a year of preparatory school is a good buffer period to help you slowly understand the Russian environment.

Therefore, students and parents should not underestimate this year’s preparatory course. It is very effective for zero foundation students to master a language quickly. One year’s preparatory study can make students enter the learning state faster and help them lay a solid foundation for better adaptation to future study. As the saying goes: sharpening a knife doesn’t make a mistake. If you learn the tool of language well, won’t you go all the way smoothly in the future? I believe that as long as you learn Russian well, everything will be smooth in the process of learning and life in the future!

Russian preparatory fee

1. Tuition

The preparatory tuition fees of most schools in Russia are not very high. They are basically in the range of US $1300 to US $2500 (9057 to 17417 yuan) every year. The tuition fees of some art colleges in Russia are a little higher than those of ordinary schools. They cost US $5500 to US $6000 (38318 to 41802 yuan) every year, Some schools also reached 8000 US dollars (55736 yuan) a year.

2. Accommodation

Russian schools will arrange dormitories for students. Each school requires students to pay different dormitories. It depends on which region of Russia the school is, the size of the dormitories and the number of people living in the dormitories to determine how much dormitories you have to pay. Students studying in Russia usually live in a two person room or a three person room. This kind of room is generally $30 to $50 (209 to 348) a month. These expenses include all the expenses in the dormitory. Several people use the bathroom and kitchen in those dormitories. Some students will rent an apartment with several students outside. There are several bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms inside. They share the rent together. It also depends on where you rent in Russia. Generally, it is about $150 to $300 (1045 to 2090) per month. This does not cover other expenses.