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TOEFL and sat annual reports released

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For students applying for American undergraduate courses, the importance of TOEFL and sat is self-evident. Affected by the epidemic last year, the test sites for TOEFL and sat have been cancelled on a large scale, and candidates have to choose other forms to complete the test.

So, how many people took the TOEFL and sat exams last year? Has the epidemic seriously affected the performance of candidates? Recently, TOEFL and sat officials have released the latest annual test report. Let’s find the answer from the report.


TOEFL Annual Report

Last week, TOEFL officially released the latest version of TOEFL iBT ® Test and Score Data Summary。 This report makes statistics on the scores of global TOEFL candidates from January to December 2020, and has strong reference value.

Overall, in 2020, the average score of all TOEFL candidates in the world was 87 (83 in 2019), including 22.2 in reading (21.2 in 2019), 22.3 in listening (20.9 in 2019), 21.2 in speaking (20.6 in 2019) and 21.5 in writing (20.5 in 2019). From the above data, both the total score and each sub score have increased.

The report also lists the overall average score percentage of candidates at different stages. We mainly look at the data of undergraduate candidates applying for universities. At this stage, the average TOEFL score of examinees is 86, including 21.5 in reading, 21.9 in listening, 21.2 in speaking and 21.4 in writing. In addition, if your score is 100, congratulations. You have exceeded 72% of the candidates at this stage.

So, what about the performance of our Chinese candidates? In 2020, the average score of TOEFL candidates in mainland China is 87. Among them, the average score of the best reading items is 23 points, and the average score of the oral items is 20 points, which still has room for improvement. Compared with the mainland, the average score of TOEFL candidates in Hong Kong, China is slightly higher by 4 points, that in Macao, China is basically the same, and that in Taiwan, China is slightly lower by 2 points.

In addition, on the whole, among the four items of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the oral part of Chinese candidates is generally slightly weak.

As can be seen from the table below, the TOEFL scores of candidates in mainland China are close to the global average year by year from 2018 to 2020. Compared with 2019, the performance of mainland TOEFL candidates in 2020 has improved greatly. Except for the oral part, the three items of reading, listening and writing have increased by 2 points.