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Will there be an outbreak on campus soon after the opening of British universities in autumn

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Do British universities require all students to return to school?

In terms of subjective will, British universities hope that all students will attend classes in 2021 / 2022 academic year and try to improve the proportion of classroom teaching.

The 2020 / 2021 academic year is the first full online academic year in the history of most British universities. According to the results of the all UK student survey (NSS) in August 2021, online classes have reduced the satisfaction of British university students with teaching quality from 83% in the previous academic year to 75%, creating a new low in the last 15 years of NSS.

Some famous British universities do not agree with students’ application for online classes at home, while more British universities adopt a more personalized processing method to decide whether students must return to school according to the requirements of different departments and majors.

Manchester University, University of Birmingham, etc. announced through the official website that the departments will send e-mails to students to determine the learning mode of the new school year. For practical majors (Science, engineering, art and design, etc.), students will generally be required to attend classes, while other majors will allow students who cannot attend the school on time due to the epidemic to take the online learning method.

02 back to school online classes, is the teaching arrangement of British universities facing new challenges?

According to British media reports in August 2021, 20 of the 24 top research universities in the UK (Russell Group member universities) responded, saying that a considerable part of the courses will still be conducted online in the new academic year starting in the autumn of 2021.

Among them, most of the courses in Cambridge University will be in the classroom, and the proportion of classroom teaching in Oxford University will be very high. However, all Oxford examinations in 2021 / 2022 academic year will be conducted online.

In the past 2020 / 2021 “online course academic year”, British universities are also struggling to adapt to the new teaching mode. The biggest problem is the examination and evaluation of students’ achievements.

The A-level test of British middle schools is cancelled, and the offline test of British universities can not be carried out. The form of homework substitution or online open book test is adopted, which reduces the difficulty of assessment to some extent, makes some students avoid the risk of failing, but also reduces the seriousness and preciseness of British university degrees.

This is also the fundamental reason why British universities have always stressed the need to restore normal classroom teaching.

03 how’s the epidemic in Britain? Has social life returned to normal?

On July 19, 2021, the British government officially announced the official unsealing, social life was recovering, and the impact of the epidemic was relatively weakened.

Since May 26, the epidemic situation in Britain has rebounded, once reaching more than 50000 confirmed cases in a single day. At present, it has been preliminarily controlled, falling back to 20000-30000 cases per day.

The death cases were at a low level, and the harm of the epidemic situation decreased significantly.

In Britain, Northern Ireland is the most serious. The situation in Wales and Scotland is relatively good, and the epidemic situation in England shows a steady downward trend. The vaccinated population began to sink to the age group of 16-18 years.

04 will the epidemic in Britain repeat again?

British epidemic prevention experts are still worried about the outbreak of a new epidemic after school starts in autumn, which is also the most tangled problem of many Chinese families studying abroad.

Shortly after admission in the autumn of 2020, a large-scale campus epidemic broke out in British universities, affecting more than 80% of colleges and universities.

Of course, there was no vaccination at that time, and the epidemic prevention system in British society was not as complete as it is now. Although there are some risks in entering school this autumn, it will be better than last year.

Even so, the self-protection of Chinese students can not be relaxed. In addition to wearing masks and washing hands frequently, they should not attend large-scale indoor parties. The lesson of the epidemic on campus caused by British university student gatherings at the beginning of the school season last year is worth learning.

If you are worried about the recurrence of the epidemic in the UK, you can also apply to British universities to postpone the offer, or apply for online classes at home in the first semester and study in the UK in the second semester.