Follow the example of an idol to forge ahead and keep working hard

What are star-struck children after?

“Mom, do you know that the little girl who is playing with Wang Junkai is Xu Zheng’s daughter!”

Follow the example of an idol to forge ahead and keep working hard

This is what my daughter said to me after watching the movie me and My Hometown.

After looking at the screenshot my daughter gave me, I remembered that there was a character in the movie.

Xu’s daughter, Xu Xiaobao, is a fan of Wang junkai, she said.

Xu zheng and his wife have been quite supportive in this matter.

daughter’s birthday, Tao Hong asked whether to find a way to invite Wang Junkai to attend?Xu Xiaobao felt not appropriate, repeatedly said not.

Xu Zheng also mentioned the fact that his daughter liked Wang Junkai more than once.

When Xu Zheng filmed “The Last Lesson” in “Me and My Hometown”, Wang Junkai also took part.

In the shooting set, Xu Xiaobao can see some embarrassed, but the eyes have been closely following the idol.

Because of his appearance, Xu Xiaobao had been laughed at by his classmates for being ugly and was sad for a period of time.To protect their daughter, the couple rarely showed her up.

But after chasing stars, Xu Xiaobao state of mind, also become more optimistic.

That’s why Xu and Tao hong support their daughter’s pursuit of stars.

Star-worshiping has always been a controversial topic.

Most parents do not approve of their children, fearing that they will neglect their studies and worry that chasing stars will affect their children’s values.

Yesterday, my cousin called me in tears and said that my niece had not eaten for two days.

It turned out that my niece quarreled with her classmates at school because of her idol, and finally she even touched her hand.

Back home, the daughter also neck refused to admit, “I was going to scold her idol, she deserved…”

My cousin was shocked that her normally sweet daughter could insult a stranger in such a terrible language.

Looking at such a daughter, cousin angrily rushed into the room, holding a carton ran downstairs, the daughter’s collection of magazines around the trash can.

“We worked so hard, but she lied to us about making up extra lessons and spent all her money chasing stars. Now she has to die or live. What will she do after that?”

Looking at cousin sigh, my heart is not very taste.

Although such behavior is a little inappropriate, but parents can understand the mood.

Sometimes it can be really annoying for kids to chase stars.As a parent, how should you treat?

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