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How to win the offer of famous business schools

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In recent years, business applications have become more popular. Of course, those students who want to study in Canada want to apply to top business schools.

For example, the Rotman School of business at the University of Toronto is one of the institutions many students yearn for. Shrouded in the light of MBA, MFE and other degrees, RC’s undergraduate college ranks among the top business schools in Canada. In addition, how big is its dazzling ranking of the world’s top 30? Why not?

There are also many business schools that attract attention in Canada. Interested students can check a recent article by the think tank

↓ is it good to apply for business in a famous university? The most complete analysis of admission requirements is coming!

We know that the overall admission requirements of business schools are high and the admission rate is very low. In addition to requiring applicants to achieve excellent high school / standardized scores, outstanding clerical and interview performance, some materials that can reflect personal comprehensive ability (team spirit, leadership, communication ability, etc.), competition background, business related practice, etc.

In the final analysis, how can we seize the opportunity and successfully get the offer of Canadian business school?

As long as you reach the yardstick of business school, can you be admitted?

This week, listen to the top business school students and Yi Lu’s mentor talk to you

Yilu undergraduate application series

How old is the schoolgirl to reveal Rotman’s application

Although Rotman business school has enviable fame and resources, it can not be an absolute reason to choose it.

Because applicants can only feel the difficulty of application and the fierce competition. Only RC people understand that it is not only difficult to graduate, but also there are many students who “graduate is unemployed” under the aura of famous schools.

How to choose? How to win if you choose?

At 9:30 a.m. this Sunday (September 26 Beijing time), the long-awaited online lecture of Rotman business school is coming! Everything you want to know has to be talked about! Susan Wang, a RC student sister, reveals the things about RC application for you~

Yilu postgraduate application series

Detailed explanation of master of Education

In recent years, the number of students studying education abroad has shown an upward trend. Many students majoring in liberal arts such as English, literature and Chinese as a foreign language, or those engaged in education for several years tend to choose overseas master of education.

It is worth noting that the professional branches of foreign pedagogy are diverse, and the actual application requirements also have their own emphases. It is not easy to successfully apply for the major

At 10:00 this morning (September 23, Beijing time), Mr. Olivia explained in detail the master of education application plan for you. For Jimei brother who is not in a hurry to watch, you can find the little assistant below to watch the playback~

For applications for popular majors such as business or education,

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The translator takes you to defeat “roast duck” writing

Language achievement is almost a “barrier” that every foreign student must pass through. It is a hard condition at the time of application, and the requirements of business schools are even more stringent.

According to the white paper statistics on the IELTS official website, about 50% of IELTS candidates in mainland China finally fall within the range of 5.5-6 points, while business schools require at least 6.5 points.

So, how to effectively review IELTS before the test and raise scores in the shortest time?

At 9:00 a.m. this Saturday (September 25 Beijing time), Mr. Nicholas Yilu will bring dry goods suggestions to guide your IELTS preparation~

Improvement of research application background

I believe most students who are planning to study abroad are familiar with and unfamiliar with the word “background improvement”, especially those who are preparing to apply for business – familiar because they often hear people in the study circle mention that what is strange is how to improve? The key is, can it really help you apply for studying abroad?

In the process of applying for studying abroad, it is not difficult to find that many students are admitted to their ideal colleges because of their good internship experience and their achievements are not particularly outstanding.

After all, what kind of background promotion is the most helpful for the application?

At 19:00 p.m. this Sunday (September 26 Beijing time), Mr. Snow will have an in-depth discussion with you on an efficient background improvement scheme~

Dry goods review last week

Emory University – information sharing

Emory University is located in Atlanta, the largest city in the south of Georgia in the United States. The campus is covered with large forests. The buildings are of Italian classical style and built of expensive marble. It seems to be in beautiful southern Europe and exudes elegant temperament.

Last week, Emory took you to this famous school and shared the experience and lessons behind the application. How do you match with the famous school~

Global study visa material preparation guide

In the process of visa application every year, there are always students who fail in their first application because of insufficient preparation of visa materials.