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Salary list of British college graduates in 2021

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According to the latest data from the British Bureau of higher education statistics, graduates majoring in computer science at Oxford University can get a median annual salary of 65000 pounds, about 50000 yuan / month, higher than all other University Majors in the UK.

In contrast, fresh students from Bath Spa and Leeds Beckett may only get an annual salary of 20000 pounds when they start looking for a job.

But even in Russell Group universities with strict admission, the salary difference of graduates from different schools is not small, even reaching tens of thousands of pounds.

The median salary of dental graduates from Newcastle University is £ 50000 / year. For the same major, the annual salary of graduates from Manchester University is £ 38000 / year, and that of graduates from Queen’s University and Dundee University is £ 32000 / year.

Among the young British universities that are not among Russell’s ranks, the difference is still obvious.

The salary of graduates majoring in information system management of Bournemouth University is the highest in Britain, reaching 42000 pounds / year, while that of Derby university is only 19000 pounds / year, a year difference of 23000 pounds.



However, can famous schools guarantee high salaries?

Graduates majoring in German from Oxford University earn only 21000 pounds a year 15 months after graduation, lower than the average of 23500 pounds.

Because of this salary data, the statistics are the salary of 15 months after graduation, and a person’s career is far longer than 15 months.

Professor Frank, an economist at Holloway College, University of London, said: “it is dangerous to only pay attention to the short-term salary level after graduation. Graduates majoring in art at Oxford University may have a low salary for their starting work (such as junior curators of museums) when they first graduated, but I believe that if they stick to it, they can finally get a high salary.”

This is also the limitation of graduate salary data.



It is said that the salary of graduates can reflect the value of a university and major.

Is that true?

According to the data, the average annual salary of all professional graduates in 15 months is 24000 pounds.

Graduates of some majors do get a higher initial salary upon graduation, such as stem Majors – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Among them, £ 27000 for mathematics, £ 28000 for physics and Astronomy and £ 29000 for chemical engineering. But the highest salary is for graduates majoring in dentistry and medicine, up to £ 38000 and £ 35000.

But are those majors with low initial wages worthless?

The two majors with the lowest salary this year are drama, dance and film, with an income of 19000 pounds per year; Creative writing majors earn only £ 18500 / year.

But how many graduates from the above two creative fields do London’s world-famous West End Drama Center rely on every year?



The following are the 11 universities with the highest median wages for graduates in the UK (2019 / 20 academic year)

The G5 University in the UK ranked among the top five, and Imperial College took the lead. There are four Russell universities on the list, namely King’s College London, Warwick University, Bristol University and Queen Mary University in London. There are two non Russell universities on the list, namely the University of London, St. George’s college and bath university.

You may not be familiar with St George’s College at the University of London, which is a medical college, so the salary ranking of graduates is very high.