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First step in the workplace, how to go right?

Shine Trader Limited reports:

For college students who have just entered the society, they are still immersed in the ivory tower principle of fairness and freedom, and it is difficult to understand and adapt to the challenging workplace rules. If they are not careful, they will leave a poor impression on colleagues or leaders, thus affecting their promotion and salary increase. So, what’s the best way to take your first step?

Do a good job in career planning, choose a good development track
As the saying goes, men are afraid of getting into the wrong line, but in modern times, people are afraid of getting into the wrong line. The workplace is the place where every adult will struggle for the next 30 years. Once he or she gets into the wrong field for the first time, he or she will lag behind his or her peers by 2-3 years, making it impossible to achieve the same position and salary as his or her peers. Therefore, the first step in the workplace, we must plan our own career development plan.

For just graduated college students, before sending resumes, we need to do in-depth industry survey in each field, understand the operation mode of the industry, cash mode, the industry to improve the space is what? Is it worth your long-term commitment? For example: marketing industry, from the traditional offline, print media marketing channels, the development of today’s Internet, new media, short video and other brands, the entire marketing platform iteration cycle is short, for everyone’s learning intensity is high, if you want to engage in this industry, it is inevitable to learn a lot of private charging.

Therefore, it is suggested that when you want to do what you do according to the development of the industry, you must plan out what your 1-3 year career goal is and what your 4-8 year career plan is, so as to find the company that fits your goals and deliver your resume.

Make a work plan to eliminate workplace confusion
Many people think that they have just graduated from college and are still in the stage of adaptation, work things slowly learn on the line, every day nine to five, step by step can. As everyone knows, while you are slacking off, other peers have already made a good work plan. After smoothly adapting to the working environment, they will quickly shine on their own positions and seize the opportunity to compete for positions, achieving the small goal of promotion and salary increase in a short period of time.

Shine Trader Limited reports:
Shine Trader Limited reports:

In view of this situation, it is suggested that you make detailed annual plans, quarterly plans, monthly plans and weekly plans for yourself in view of the job removal and company promotion mechanism after entering the company, so that you can see progress every day, so as to avoid being lost in the workplace.

Show learning ability, highlight the value of work
Beginners in the workplace are particularly strong in learning ability, plasticity is a lot of professional veterans can not match. Therefore, to take the first step in the workplace, we need to seize the good memory of our youth, continue to learn and improve, cultivate the corresponding professional skills, and let this professional skills in the post to give full play to, so as to highlight their work value.

The acquisition of workplace experience is a process of continuous learning, accumulation and iterative upgrading. The first step is crucial. If you take a wrong or wrong first step in your career, it will definitely affect your long-term career development. Therefore, I suggest you refer to the above three tips to help you choose the right, appropriate first step in your career, and then you can move up!