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Misunderstanding of caution in the selection of undergraduate majors in the United States

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Undergraduate students go to the United States to study, choose a course, or at least search for the professional profile they provide in the Department office or on the professional home page.

Following past experience, it is easy for students to choose a major just because they like the course introduction. However, it is essential to browse the senior or advanced courses before choosing a major. Undergraduate students go to the United States to study in many fields. Senior learning is quite challenging. Sometimes it is very different from those courses that serve the whole university in terms of skills, ideas or complexity.

Therefore, before signing the dotted line, be sure to take two or three courses taught by different professors as appropriate.

Undergraduate study in the United States, the choice of undergraduate major in the United States needs to be cautious!

Choose a major you’re not good at

Correct approach: you’d better choose the major you’re good at, otherwise you may not know how to play over!

There will always be some students who choose the majors they are not good at or are unable to complete, or only refer to the popular majors in various countries, ignore their actual situation and squeeze their heads to apply. The rule of thumb is to choose a major where you get more a than B.

Undergraduate study in the United States, assuming that you need to take 10 to 12 professional courses. Your interest in this major is a good start. Choose a major that you are really interested in and favor and have enthusiasm to study. Don’t make your choice just because of the encouragement of parents, partners, brothers, close friends, etc. Undergraduate study in the United States is not to please others, but to consider their own long-term development planning trend.

Of course, in the current tight economic situation, it is best to focus on the acquisition of positions when making professional choices. But this should not be the only consideration for your professional choice. First of all, there is no corresponding relationship between major and occupation. You don’t need to choose marketing or business school because of your development in business. Similarly, you don’t need to continue to study law school because of your choice of philosophy or political science.

For undergraduate students studying in the United States, many positions are required to cover professional background, but more positions do not pay attention to your major. They focus on your writing, mathematics, communication, foreign language or analysis, and students of such majors can gain through exercise.

Undergraduate study in the United States, the choice of undergraduate major in the United States needs to be cautious!

Be sure to take a double degree

Correct approach: choosing a double degree is not good. On the contrary, it has many disadvantages.

Heavy tasks will suffocate you, and you will die ugly in these courses that are useless to yourself or your career development trend. Firmly choose only one major. Don’t let your indecision or inner contradiction make mistakes in choosing a major to study in the United States and decide to choose two majors.

Similarly, don’t focus on elective majors. The best way is to give up the elective courses offered by many departments to attract more students and take a few courses that are interesting to you or helpful for your major.