Are there any requirements for CMA work experience

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Are there any requirements for CMA work experience? What is the use of CMA certification? The management accountant CMA examination in 2021 has been launched. Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn more about the latest CMA examination, in order to help you better understand CMA certification. Next, follow Xiaobian to learn about it.

1、 Are there any requirements for CMA work experience?

2 years of continuous (non cumulative) working experience in the field of management accounting or financial management is required. Work experience can be completed before applying for the examination or within 7 years after the examination.

The verification of work experience depends on whether you have held a position that requires you to make judgments based on the principles of management accounting and financial management. Positions include: financial analysis, budget preparation, management information system analysis, financial management, audit in government, finance or industry, management consulting, public accounting audit, and research, teaching or consulting related to management accounting or financial management.

2、 What is the use of CMA certification?

1. Global recognition

The number of Certified Public Accountants CMA holders in the United States is quite amazing in more than 100 countries around the world. It can be seen that the certification of Certified Public Accountants CMA in the United States has long been widely recognized by finance and personnel, and has become the primary condition for enterprises in recruitment. The value created by certified public accountants CMA in the United States for enterprises is amazing.

2. Help career development

CMA licensees can provide effective management for performance management, cost control, risk assessment and other contents through market investigation and control over all departments, processes and employees of the enterprise. They can also apply financial analysis, financial management and financial decision-making to provide support and basis for strategic decision-making for the management, so as to create wealth for the enterprise. CMA holders have always been very decent and tall in their positions in the enterprise, which shows that CMA certification can help candidates improve their vocational skills and professional competitiveness.

3. Broad employment prospects

At present, the demand for ordinary accountants in the job market is in oversupply, but talents in management accounting are in short supply. Enterprises urgently need talents in management accounting. After more than ten years of development in China, there is no doubt about the gold content and status of CMA, and the employment posts of CMA holders are also very tall. Becoming a CMA holder can not only help you improve your professional skills, but also help you increase your employment competitiveness. CMA can be said to be a required certificate for the transformation of traditional accounting into management accounting, and its future is unlimited.