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Four things you need to know to apply for international high school

shine trader reports:

International high school has gradually become a bridge between more students and famous foreign schools. Because reading international high school is more conducive to children studying abroad, many domestic parents are like sending their children to international high school. However, if you want to apply for international high school, you need to know a few things in advance!

Event 1: who is suitable for international high school?

International high schools are different from domestic ordinary high schools. Not every student is suitable for studying. According to the information learned, students suitable for international high school need to have these abilities:

● adequate English level (English is assessed in the entrance test; the teaching method is mainly pure English or bilingual)

● strong adaptability (foreign education mode is adopted, which is very different from traditional education, so it is required to adapt quickly)

● cheerful personality (encourage active speech in class; be good at communicating with teachers and students after class)

Event 2: how much is the tuition of international high school?

If you want to attend international high school, you should also consider the economic situation of your family, because the tuition fees of international high school are generally very high. According to the information learned, most of the tuition fees of international high schools are more than 100000, and they are calculated on an annual basis, so this expenditure is very difficult for ordinary families.

There is nothing wrong with letting children receive better education, but we should also proceed from reality and do what we can!

Event 3: what are the courses of international high school?

In terms of curriculum arrangement, international high school is no longer the nine subjects of domestic ordinary high school (students majoring in language, number, British political history and Geography), but mainly focuses on the internationally recognized curriculum system, including AP curriculum, A-level curriculum, IB curriculum, Canadian curriculum, Australian VCE curriculum, etc.

Each course has its own advantages and characteristics. When parents choose the curriculum system for their children, they should choose according to their children’s interests and abilities, and the appropriate one is the best.

Event 4: what are the benefits of international high school?

Some parents may wonder: what are the benefits of attending international high school? In fact, sending children to international high school has the following advantages:

● increase the probability of entering famous foreign schools (learn foreign courses in advance; schools basically have their own enrollment system; professional teachers provide enrollment guidance)

● promote children’s multifaceted development (schools pay attention to students’ all-round development; arrange a variety of extracurricular activities)