Why is science so important

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Among international courses, science scientific literacy is an extremely important course.

No matter which stage of the British private school entrance examination, it is also indispensable. The mastery of this course is also directly related to the children’s entrance results.

On the other hand, the scientific literacy cultivated by students in international junior middle school will also directly affect the future course selection and major selection, and affect the in-depth development of science and engineering disciplines in senior high school.

According to the national syllabus of the British junior middle school stage, that is, the KS3 stage, the international junior middle school scientific literacy learning should:

Widely expand scientific knowledge and deepen students’ conceptual understanding through specific disciplines, including biology, chemistry and physics;

Through different scientific investigations and experiments, deepen students’ understanding of nature, scientific processes and scientific methods, and help children better understand the world around them;

Have enough scientific knowledge to understand the use and significance of science for the present and future.

Sanmiao knocked on the blackboard here today: Science in junior middle school in China is different from KS3 Science in Britain! There are different training priorities under different education systems, but we can’t compare them at will.

What is the importance of international junior high school science curriculum?

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The golden age of developing children’s scientific thinking

Science is a subject of logic thinking ability and abstract thinking ability of postgraduate entrance examination students. In short, it is to use their brains and use their brains more. Junior high school students are in the golden age of rapid development of logical ability and abstract thinking. They have strong thirst for knowledge, active brain, good effect of accepting new knowledge and high efficiency.

The thinking ability of children in international high school is relatively qualitative. In addition, classes are tight, there are many exams and heavy learning burden. At this time, it is difficult to cultivate children’s basic scientific ability and interest. Therefore, scientific learning in international junior middle school is of great significance for connecting senior high school courses.

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Make adequate preparations for the course selection of international high school

The scientific literacy, discipline ability and interest cultivated in the international junior high school stage will also affect the course selection direction of children’s international senior high school. The discipline self-confidence established in this stage is the basis of curriculum learning in the future. If we want to study science and engineering courses in the future, we must pay attention to the science course in international junior middle school.

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Relieve the dual pressure of subject and English

Learning international junior high school science literacy course well is also very helpful to the development of children’s academic English ability.

Many special words and academic words in science class are difficult, and the words are long and awkward. If we can lay a solid foundation for these scientific vocabulary at the international junior middle school stage, let children get used to understanding some abstract scientific concepts and theories in English language, and pay attention to the connection of English subjects in the learning process of science courses, children’s actual English ability can also be well improved.

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Cultivation period of learning methods and habits

Most good learning styles and habits are formed in the international junior middle school. Although these two abilities can not be seen or touched, they really affect children’s learning effect.

Science, as a discipline with a huge knowledge system, has high requirements for students’ thinking ability and research ability, and also puts forward deeper requirements for students’ learning methods and habits. Under the guidance and Inspiration of teachers, students can find their own customary methods to learn international courses more effectively.

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