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Edwards ial, why do so many people choose it

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Edwards and CIE are the two top streams in the field of ial. We have said a lot about CIE. Today, let’s introduce some points we must know when choosing Edwards ial!


Introduction to Edwards certificate

Pearson Edwards is the largest academic and vocational examination certification organization in the UK. It provides international examination certification services to more than 1.7 million people in more than 80 countries and regions. It has authorized more than 5400 schools, institutions and enterprises around the world to carry out Edwards series examination or training business. Worry free study abroad is also an examination center officially certified by Edes. Be proud~

What are the main certificates of EDX?

Today, let’s focus on the A-level stage. The A-level of Edwards Examination Bureau is divided into British GCE A-level and international A-level. The former is tested by British local students and the latter by international students.

Comparison of international and local versions of Edexcel A-level


What you need to know about choosing EDX ial

For students who want to enter the world’s top universities, Edith A-level is very popular. Whether to choose Edwards is also an important decision in life.

What do domestic students need to know before choosing Edwards ial?

Edwards has a flexible modular approach, so students can choose when to take the exam, which greatly reduces the time pressure of many students.

Usually there are exams in January, may and November every year.

Ial is a modular test, and the scores can be accumulated. After completing the corresponding modules, you can cash in (replace it with a certificate).

In other words, students can take the exam when they feel ready. For example, students must take the four unit examination of ial economics to obtain a grade certificate. Each unit test can be conducted after the students feel ready, and then the results will be archived. After all four unit examinations are completed, the archived results will be synthesized into grade certificates.

Examinations are scattered throughout the year, so they can be divided into small pieces for review, which is convenient for a deeper understanding of a subject.

EDX ial is designed for international students, so there is no unfair location advantage. For students from other parts of the world, such course materials are easier to learn.

Edwards ial enjoys the same status as A-level in the UK.

Edwards certificate is widely accepted by universities all over the world. These include Oxford University and Cambridge University in the UK, MIT, Yale University, Columbia University, Cornell University and Dartmouth University in the United States, as well as top universities in Australia, Canada and Singapore.

The Edwards ial test is divided into as and A2 stages. As can be used as an independent certificate or as a stage of A-level.

Universities and employers now place great emphasis on transferable skills. The EDEX ial certificate program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and transferable skills that will benefit them for life.

Edwards ial is also very suitable for students who want to study at home, because the practical part of science is assessed in the form of theory.


Edwards, this year’s exam setup

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the local and international examinations of Edes have been cancelled again this year, and a flexible method based on teacher assessment is adopted, but the Examination Bureau will provide teachers with unseen assessment materials as supporting materials.

This year, the teacher grading process of Edes Examination Bureau is divided into five steps:

Step 1: what have you taught

Step 2: collect evidence

Step 3: evaluate the quality of evidence

Step 4: determine whether the proposed evidence is suitable for all students

Step 5: assign a grade

On the use of evidence: the ial and IGCSE examination centers can use unseen assessments to collect evidence. In addition, the results submitted by the teacher also include the following evidence:

Student assignments (based on the evaluation materials provided by the Examination Bureau), including problem sets, past real questions, exercises and sample questions.

Coursework for non examination assessment, even if it is not completely completed.

The assignments designed by the examination center are similar to the materials of the Examination Bureau, including a large number of classes, homework, internal tests and model tests.

Record the performance level of students in the learning process.