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How important are AP scores in the application of meiben famous schools

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Now, in addition to TOEFL and sat, AP test scores are also one of the important materials in the application for undergraduate study in the United States. Today, the editor will explain the introduction of AP test and the latest information of AP test in 2022.

Examination introduction

AP test is generally translated into American University prerequisite courses and American University prerequisite courses in Chinese. Refers to the university courses taught in high schools provided by the college board.

Middle school students can enroll in these courses, take the AP exam after completing their homework, and get college credits after getting certain results.

AP examination has 22 categories and 37 courses. AP test scores use a 5-point system, candidates can get 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points.

Advantages of AP test


Ability display

AP test itself is a subject test rather than a simple language test. The test content is the curriculum content of American undergraduate schools. Therefore, it reflects the learning ability of Chinese applicants and the potential to deal with difficult courses.

For international school students, it has become a trend to be able to take multiple AP exams and score 4 or even 5 points.

For candidates from the International Department, most schools offer AP courses, and it is natural to prepare for the AP exam.

For ordinary high school students, using their spare time to study and take the AP exam will also become an extra point in their application.


Exchange for credits

The specific credits that can be exchanged depend on the situation of the school. Some American undergraduate AP3 points or above can be exchanged for credits, and some American schools need 4 points or 5 points.

An AP course can be exchanged for 3-6 credits if the results are sufficient, while an American undergraduate school needs about $1000 for a credit.

It only costs 1350 yuan to sign up for an AP exam. If you do well, taking more AP exams will be a very cost-effective way to save money.

At the same time, exchanging credits can also help candidates better arrange university courses, save learning time, and even graduate earlier.


Early adaptation

For international students, it must be even more difficult for them to enter American Undergraduate Universities after graduating from high school. Taking AP courses and exams in advance is bound to help students adapt to the difficulty of school professional courses in advance and gradually participate in the learning of more basic courses, so as to start the adaptation period earlier and avoid excessive pressure after enrollment.