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Top 10 business schools in the UK

shine trader reports:

Business education in Britain has a long history and has a number of world-class universities with outstanding strength. It is an ideal destination for students interested in business.

However, with so many British universities offering business degrees, which are the most worthy of application?

Today, from the perspective of future employment, we take stock of the ten business colleges with the best employment prospects in Britain. After reading these universities, we don’t have to worry about finding a job anymore!

(the ranking is based on the employment prospect index of graduates in the professional ranking list of Business & Management Studies in the 2022 complete university guide of the UK)


LSE, a big man in Arts and business, lived up to expectations and won the championship in terms of employment prospects.

LSE works closely with charities to hold fairs and provide one-on-one appointments to help each student find suitable employment opportunities. In addition, the school provides various paid internships and supports interested students in the application process.



GCSE: specific GCSE requirements are given in each professional directory of LSE. For example, accounting and finance majors prefer A-level mathematics. If there is no A-level mathematics, GCSE Mathematics should at least reach a or 7.

2. Durham University

Durham ranks second in business schools in terms of employment prospects. As part of the curriculum, most degrees in the University provide students with one-year internship opportunities to help students accumulate work experience and enrich their resumes.


Ib: minimum 26 points and above

GCSE: individual majors have certain requirements for GCSE subject scores.


UCL and Durham ranked second in terms of employment prospects. In 2022, including business management, a total of 29 majors of UCL were shortlisted in the top 10 list in the UK, with outstanding results.

UCL student union provides more than 500 volunteer service opportunities in which students can establish professional contacts and enrich their resumes.


Ib: not less than 34

GCSE: all majors require GCSE English and mathematics scores of at least 5. Some majors require a grade higher than 5, or GCSE subjects with specified requirements.

4. Warwick University

Warwick Business School is one of the top business schools in Europe. It is also the first business school in the UK to obtain the joint certification of the world’s three major management education evaluation institutions (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS). The teaching strength of business major is leading in the world.


Ib: 35-38 points

GCSE: the basic requirements are English language, mathematics and a science of C / 4 or above, and the specific professional requirements may be higher.

4. University of bath

Bath tied with Warwick and Oxford for fourth place. The school of management of Bath University is recognized as one of the top ten business schools in the UK and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. A large number of graduates enter UK investment banks and large enterprises every year.



GCSE: the GCSE requirements of bath university can be found in the specific professional directory. For example, mathematics majors require GCSE English language to be no less than C / 4.

4. Oxford University

The side Business School of Oxford University is known as the fastest-growing business school in Europe. The major of economics and management is the only undergraduate course offered by the side business school, and it is also the most competitive major in Oxford.



GCSE: GCSE scores will be considered in Oxford undergraduate admission. Generally, the proportion of a and a * (7, 8, 9) of successful applicants is very high.

7. University of Exeter

The Business School of Exeter University is one of the few business schools in the UK that have obtained triple certification of EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, and has maintained the world’s leading research level in many fields.