Gordon CMA: how to prepare for the American management accounting CMA

shine trader reports:

1、 How to prepare for CMA in American management accounting?

1. Give full play to teaching materials

Carefully read the teaching materials, systematize the knowledge, combine point with area, and thoroughly understand the key problems. The contents of each chapter of CMA Chinese examination have certain connections. If you study the knowledge of each chapter in isolation, you can only master the fragmented tax principle and tax system, which is difficult to cope with the increasingly comprehensive examination. You must systematize the knowledge and form a networked and three-dimensional knowledge system. This is not easy to do. The premise is to firmly master the basic knowledge, On this basis, make a horizontal comparison of knowledge and find out the differences and similarities of various taxes, so as to get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Planning and self-discipline

Plan your learning schedule according to the length of time you review before the exam, and be sure to keep up with the schedule. Ensure more than 4 hours of learning time every day. Especially for office workers, it is more necessary to arrange enough and attentive learning time after intense work every day.

3. Review and summary

CMA has only two subjects, but it covers a lot of content. At the beginning of applying for the examination, candidates are often full of confidence and motivation, but no matter how good and solid they mastered at that time, they will be silly when reviewing the complete textbook and conducting the second review. They have almost forgotten nearly half of what they learned before, and the second review is no longer review, but study again.

After reviewing a chapter, we should timely review the contents of the previous chapter and consolidate the old knowledge while learning new knowledge. Only in this way can we always be in the state of continuous memory and knowledge is not easy to forget.

2、 What are the test conditions for CMA?

There are no mandatory requirements for the CMA examination, but to receive the CMA certificate after passing the examination, you need to submit the certificate of academic certification and work experience certification. As long as one of the academic certification is met, the work experience certification needs to have 2 years of continuous (non cumulative) work experience in the field of management accounting or financial management.

1. Education certification:

1. Hold a three-year full-time college diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education (including self-examination, correspondence, off-duty and part-time groups);

2. Hold a bachelor’s degree certificate recognized by the Ministry of education;

3. Hold the master’s graduation certificate, master’s degree certificate, doctor’s graduation certificate and doctor’s degree certificate recognized by the Ministry of education;

4. Hold the CPA certificate (CPA) certified by China Institute of certified public accountants or the intermediate or senior accountant certificate (intermediate and senior accountant title certificate) certified by the national accounting qualification evaluation center; Fully qualified members of ACCA meet the educational requirements of CMA bachelor’s degree.

2. Work experience certification:

The verification of work experience depends on whether you have held a position that requires you to make judgments based on the principles of management accounting and financial management. Such positions include financial analysis, budget preparation, management information system analysis, financial management, audit in government, finance or industry, management consulting, public accounting audit, and research, teaching or consulting related to management accounting or financial management.

Jobs that occasionally apply the principles of management accounting (computer operation, marketing and sales, production, engineering, personnel and comprehensive management) do not meet the requirements of qualification verification. Similarly, experience in cashier, bank teller, internship, trainee, clerical or non-technical positions can not meet the requirements.