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Fraud in some social institutions during the adult college entrance examination season

spark limited reports:

Some social institutions defraud money by “collecting registration fees”

Chongqing Municipal Education Commission found that some social institutions (companies) deceived candidates in the name of “adult college entrance examination consultation (training)” or “acting as adult college enrollment”, and “guaranteed examination”, “remote package”, “exemption from school and examination”, “rapid evidence collection” and “handling certificates (false secondary and higher education academic certificates)”, and “collected (paid in advance) adult college entrance examination registration fees” (pre paid) college tuition fees, high adult college entrance examination consulting service (training) fees and certificate handling fees, and even induce candidates to apply for small loans to defraud candidates of money, or even run away with money directly.

Chongqing Municipal Education Commission said that the city will uniformly implement online registration, online review and online payment for the examination and enrollment of adult colleges and universities in 2021. Candidates can pass the portal of the Municipal Education Examination Institute( )According to relevant regulations, the registration fee for each candidate is 140 yuan (among them, the registration fee for candidates who meet the exemption conditions is 50 yuan).

In addition, for the specific tuition fees of adult colleges and universities, candidates can refer to the official website of colleges and universities. All recruitment institutions and adult colleges and universities have strict management systems and shall not entrust any social institution (company) Collect registration fees, tuition fees, training fees, etc. adult colleges and universities can charge tuition fees from students only when freshmen report for registration. They shall not collect any fees from candidates in advance, nor pay any fees through any social organization (company).

To judge whether the admission results are true, it is necessary to meet the “five requirements”

Chongqing Municipal Education Commission said that to judge whether the enrollment results of adult colleges and universities are true and effective, we need to meet “five requirements”: candidates have the qualification for adult college entrance examination, colleges and universities have the qualification for adult higher education enrollment, the enrollment plan is approved and issued by the Ministry of education, candidates’ adult college entrance examination scores meet the score requirements, and the admission is confirmed by the Municipal Education Examination Institute.

Therefore, the so-called “examination guarantee”, “remote package”, “school exemption”, “rapid evidence collection” and “certificate handling (false academic certificate)” publicized by social consulting (training) institutions (companies) are false propaganda.

At the same time, Chongqing Municipal Education Commission once again reiterated that only adult colleges and universities with the enrollment qualification of adult higher diploma education have the right to issue national recognized adult higher diploma education. Social consulting (training) institutions (companies) It does not have the enrollment qualification of adult higher education, and the so-called certificate issued by it does not have the nature of higher education diploma, which is not recognized by the state. If candidates encounter any problems in the enrollment process of adult colleges and universities, they can consult the Municipal Education Examination Institute, district and county education examination institutions, adult colleges and universities and other authoritative professional institutions.