Colleges and universities will not arrange students to return to school before September 15

August 16, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control news conference held in Jiangsu this afternoon, the reporter learned that, with the consent of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and the provincial government, no student would return to school before September 15th. Colleges and universities can arrange online teaching according to the calendar of the autumn semester.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia area has been a low risk area for new crown pneumonia since 2021, according to the 14 day school education arrangement issued by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department on the day of September 15th. If there are medium and high-risk areas in the city divided into districts where the university is located, the students can be organized to return to school in stages and batches after 21 days from the whole region to low-risk areas.

Primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province, including secondary vocational schools, special education schools and kindergartens, are scheduled to open in two categories: the first category, districts and cities that have been in low-risk areas since this year, opened normally on September 1. Second, since the beginning of this year, districts and cities with medium and high-risk areas have changed from the whole region to low-risk areas. After 21 days, students can be organized to start school and return to school in stages and batches. Primary and secondary schools that cannot return to school normally can organize online learning guidance. The specific work arrangement for the opening of the school shall be implemented after being approved by the leading and commanding organization for epidemic prevention and control in all districts and cities.

In addition, there are three situations in which students cannot be organized to return to school: the first is that the epidemic prevention and control conditions cannot meet the local epidemic prevention and control requirements; The second is that various prevention and control measures are not implemented in place; The third emergency plan and drill cannot be implemented in place. Teachers, students and employees in districts and cities where medium and high-risk areas are located shall postpone returning to school, and teachers, students and employees who have lived in medium and high-risk areas 21 days before returning to school shall postpone returning to school.

Refer to technical colleges and universities; The time for off-school training institutions and infant care institutions to resume off-line centralized training (care) activities shall be determined by the leadership and command organization of epidemic prevention and control in all districts and cities after all local primary and secondary schools and kindergartens open.