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Overseas returnee support teachers take the children in the village to realize their dreams

On August 16, Yuan Wenjun, an English teacher of the Central Primary School in Xixiang Town, Jingning County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province, returned to Xixiang town from her home in Beijing and is about to start her second year of participating in the beautiful China support education project.

On this day a month ago, Yuan Wenjun took 15 students and two teachers to participate in the summer camp in Beijing. Except for her, everyone else set foot on the land of the capital of the motherland for the first time.

Zhang Baiyin, principal of Central Primary School in Xixiang Town, Jingning County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province, was one of the two teachers on this trip. He told China Youth Daily · China youth network that none of the teachers in the school had been to the capital.

This trip started more than a year ago when Yuan Wenjun accidentally brushed a circle of friends while looking for a job.

At that time, she saw the beautiful China Education Support Project in her circle of friends. She felt that this was what she wanted to do.

Yuan Wenjun’s experience of supporting education dates back to his freshman year at China Agricultural University. At that time, through the school’s public welfare organization “candle club”, she came to Beijing migrant children’s school to support teaching. He went to other provinces to support teaching in his sophomore and junior years. It has always been her wish to bring foreign children to Beijing. After graduation, Yuan Wenjun went to the United States for further study and obtained a master’s degree in business. In 2020, after returning home, Yuan Wenjun joined the beautiful China education support project. Previously, Yuan Wenjun also supported teaching in Guangxi for half a year. Before coming to Jingning County, Pingliang City, she specially did her homework: Jingning County was once a key county of national poverty alleviation and development, an extremely poor area in Liupanshan area and one of the 23 deeply poor counties in Gansu Province.

However, when he came to Gansu, “hardware” and “software” surprised yuan Wenjun.

“When I first came to the Central Primary School, I found that the hardware conditions were very good, much better than when I was in the school for migrant children in Beijing.” Although the accommodation conditions of teachers are difficult, Yuan Wenjun feels the local investment and attention to education because of teaching aids and equipment such as teaching buildings and desks.

The surprise of “software” comes not only from the parents’ great attention to their children’s learning, but also from the excellent performance of fourth graders in an English class.

In that class, Yuan Wenjun put some pictures of vegetable seedlings and asked the students to name the vegetables. All the fourth graders were right. In the same experiment, even if the seedlings are replaced with complete vegetables, urban children may not be able to answer.

When communicating with the local education system, Yuan Wenjun also felt the common troubles of the local and other “small places”: the loss of permanent population and young people is serious. Although there has been the introduction of talents, in the hearts of many local people, going out is still a better choice than staying in their hometown.

Yuan Wenjun decided to take the children out to Beijing“ Before supporting teaching, teachers would encourage rural children to go out and see the outside world. ”

Selecting students, receiving applications, interviews, home visits, communicating with local education bureaus and schools… One task after another, intensive and cumbersome. In the selection of four classes in grade four and five, Yuan Wenjun and his colleagues had a cross interview. Make a comprehensive evaluation according to the students’ ideas and interview performance of the activity in the application.

Some students with better academic performance lost the election for different reasons. They found Zhang Baiyin and hoped to ask him to talk about love.

Like the school teachers, Zhang Baiyin lived in Xixiang Town, Jingning County for half his life. Look up and down are people you know. What’s the favor? In addition to providing necessary support, Zhang Baiyin did not interfere with Yuan Wenjun’s decision-making power. Who can go to Beijing, has the final say to the young English teacher from Beijing.

Xixiang Town Central Primary School is the largest primary school in several surrounding villages. Some parents rent houses near the school to accompany their children to study. On a home visit, she came to one of the bungalows in a row. Her students are at the door, doing their homework in the light of the sky. Although there are electricity and lights at home, many students don’t often turn on the lights at home.

“My previous experience in supporting education makes me feel that Beijing is a symbolic existence for many rural children. Being able to really come to Beijing may be a great incentive for their future study and life. ” Yuan Wenjun said.

Yuan Wenjun has further plans: if not everyone can go to the big city, meet this wish when they were young and let them tell their students and children what a big city looks like.