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The ranking of Engineering in Chinese universities has improved by leaps and bounds

Among various world university rankings, the sharp improvement of Chinese university rankings is impressive. In the past, American universities often topped the rankings, while Chinese universities can now keep pace with American universities. When it comes to the ranking of some universities majoring in science, the ranking of Chinese universities is high, and there is almost no trace of American universities.

The US News ranking of world universities in the United States is quite authoritative. Among the 20 top universities in the world, the United States accounts for 15, and there are no universities in China. However, when it comes to science and technology, there are 7 of the top 20 in China, of which Tsinghua University ranks first and only 5 in the United States. If the scope is further narrowed to the field of “Mechanical Engineering”, China accounts for 14 of the top 20 universities in the world, while the United States accounts for only 2. In the field of “electrical and electronic engineering”, among the top 20 universities in the world, China accounts for 14 and the United States only accounts for 1. These data clearly show what kind of talents China and the United States are training.

Traditional European and American universities generally believe that the education of practical disciplines such as electromechanical engineering should not be completed by universities. On the contrary, China encourages “industry university cooperation”, so many “school run enterprises” have emerged in China. It is now clear that the United States has withdrawn from the “manufacturing” field, but has not completely withdrawn from the “manufacturing industry”. For example, apple in the United States has become a manufacturing enterprise with “no factory”.

Therefore, trying to revive the “rust belt” of the United States like former US President trump may attract workers, but not excellent engineers. Now, some people in the United States hope to bring semiconductor production back to the United States to deal with the shortage of semiconductors, but also because of the lack of excellent engineers, this foolish idea is difficult to become a reality.