Good news from the Ministry of Education

Discipline Training for overseas expatriates was suspended

After the introduction of the “double reduction” policy, strict restrictions have been imposed on off campus training institutions to employ foreign personnel to carry out training activities. The document points out that the employment of foreign personnel in China shall comply with relevant national regulations, and it is strictly prohibited to employ foreign personnel abroad to carry out training activities.

To this end, major children’s English training institutions on the market have successively announced that they will stop selling overseas foreign teachers’ courses. There are two ways to stop selling: stop selling and renew, and the original course will not be affected; Direct cancellation of follow-up courses and refund. Whale class, qkids Jiuqu, vipkid and other institutions announced that they would no longer sell courses taught by foreign teachers to domestic young students, and the sales and renewal of the original foreign teachers’ courses would be stopped. The paid students’ course is normal. Gogokid will completely suspend the live class business and cancel the subsequent reserved class hours. As of 24:00 on August 2, all the remaining course fees will be returned to parents.

Your foreign teacher may have just studied English for 4 years

Many children begin to learn English from exposure to education. However, most English education is born to cope with the examination, which requires students to master English words and grammar, but there are few speaking environments. English as a language, expression and environment are very important, which has also become an important reason for many parents to choose foreign teaching for their children.

In an interview with CCTV, most of the English training institutions visited by the reporter said that their foreign teachers came from native English speaking countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia. However, the reporter’s survey found that some foreign teachers do not come from English-speaking countries.

In fact, many foreign teachers are just a gimmick to attract. Many Filipinos, Indians and Germans who can speak English will become hot cakes in China. Although their levels are uneven or their pronunciation is not standard, some people’s English education may not be as good as that of undergraduate students majoring in English, but they can be favored by many parents with their own appearance.

A parent said in an interview that there is also a “contempt chain” for foreign teachers. It is the most expensive in North America, with a price of 671 classes. Followed by European countries. The cheapest is the Philippine foreign teacher, which costs tens of dollars for a class. A foreign teacher of an app education platform said in an interview, “I was born in Portugal. Portugal is not an English speaking country, but I can learn English well. I have taught English for four years.” Some consumers said, “what’s the difference between that and Chinese teachers majoring in English” and “the English pronunciation of some foreign teachers is really not flattering”.

In July 2019, the Ministry of education and other six departments issued the implementation opinions on standardizing off campus online training (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) to further standardize off campus online training, which specifically mentioned that online training should make foreign teachers’ information public: the employment of foreign personnel must comply with relevant national regulations, In addition, the names, photos, teacher qualification certificates and other information of the trainers shall be publicized in a prominent position on the training platform and course interface, and the learning, work and teaching experience of foreign trainers shall be publicized. However, the reporter’s investigation found that these training institutions failed to publicize the information of foreign teachers as required for the reasons of large number of people and insufficient time.