The four famous universities in Changsha no longer have the advantages of recruiting students in the whole province. Will the advantages of the college entrance examination be so great in three years?

Reply of Fuzhou Education Bureau

Just now, the official account of WeChat public of Warren high school in Fuzhou issued a statement, saying that there were media reports that school graduates and parents had a graduation dinner. The school attached great importance to it and launched a survey quickly. The preliminary Graduation Committee has found that the graduating class committee of the Jinan campus has organized a family dinner and a dinner party in July 5th. A few teachers were invited to the party.

The reporter interviewed relevant leaders of the Municipal Bureau of education. The person in charge pointed out that after learning about this situation, the Municipal Bureau of education quickly sent a joint investigation team composed of leaders of the Bureau in charge and five departments to rush to the field investigation and guide the school’s investigation and handling face-to-face. Teachers’ ethics and even violations of rules and discipline verified in the investigation shall be dealt with strictly and seriously. At the same time, draw inferences from one instance, maintain the high-pressure situation of teachers’ ethics and style, and create a clean and positive atmosphere of teachers’ ethics.

In view of how to eliminate similar problems in the next step, the person in charge said that the Municipal Bureau of education has long attached great importance to standardizing school running and teaching behavior, strengthening the construction of teachers’ ethics, facing up to the phenomenon of bad professional ethics of teachers, and constantly introducing measures to establish and improve the long-term mechanism for the construction of teachers’ ethics. This year, the Municipal Bureau of education established a special education leading group for teachers’ Ethics in Fuzhou education system, formulated and issued the notice on relevant matters related to the implementation of the implementation plan for special education for teachers’ Ethics in the education system of the whole province (rongjiaozong [2021] No. 37), and required all schools to establish special education leading groups for teachers’ ethics, formulate implementation plans, and seriously carry out mobilization and deployment, Carry out special education activities on Teachers’ ethics through various forms. In the next step, we should take strong measures to fight the “combined fist” of running schools and studying, make great efforts from the aspects of establishing the people-centered thought, standardizing school running behavior, strengthening the supervision of family committees and purifying the educational atmosphere, and deeply carry out the activity of “re learning, re investigation and re implementation” in combination with the study and education of party history, so as to resolutely correct the unhealthy trend of running schools and studying. Specifically, the following points should be achieved:

First, adhere to the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people, and stick to the correct direction of running a school. Educate and guide the majority of teaching staff to actively pursue the “high line” of teachers’ ethics, strictly abide by the “bottom line” of profession, and strictly prohibit the “red line” of behavior. At the beginning of the new school year, we should continue to organize all teachers to sign the letter of commitment on Teachers’ ethics and style, make it public on the Internet and store it in Teachers’ personal files at the same time. We should adhere to the first standard of teachers’ ethics and style. We will continue to link teachers’ ethics and style with teachers’ professional title evaluation, selection of famous and excellent backbone teachers, and evaluation of excellence and priority. Those who fail to pass the teacher’s ethics evaluation will be evaluated as unqualified in the annual performance evaluation, and a one vote veto will be implemented in the links of regular registration of teachers’ qualifications, professional title evaluation, post appointment, evaluation and reward, and selection of backbone teachers.

Second, we should adhere to the principle of “grasping with both hands” in running schools by citizens and be hard on both hands. Earnestly urge all private schools to consciously abide by the education law, the law on the promotion of private education and the regulations on the implementation of the law on the promotion of private education, and actively promote the effective integration of the party’s education policy into the whole process of education administration, school running and teaching of private schools. We will resolutely implement the “five notables”, effectively prevent and change the practice of “labeling” students with scores, and educate and guide teachers to establish themselves, learn and teach with morality. If there are deviations in the guidance of running and studying in private schools, they shall be warned, reminded and corrected in time. If they violate the law of studying and educating people and public order and good customs, they shall display the “red and yellow card” in time. If there are serious violations of discipline and even illegal problems, they will not tolerate and accommodate.

Third, adhere to the integration of family, school and society, and comprehensively strengthen the guidance and supervision of family committees. In accordance with the guidance on the establishment of parent committees in primary and secondary kindergartens issued by the Ministry of education, we should comprehensively strengthen the supervision of parent committees to ensure that parent committees carry out their work in accordance with the law, norms, order and effectiveness. The parent committee shall perform its duties under the guidance of the school and play a role of participation, support and supervision in school education, teaching and management. When organizing collective activities, the family committee should promote democracy, fully listen to the opinions of parents and obtain the consent of the school in advance. It is strictly prohibited for the family committee to collect the so-called “class fee”, organize the so-called “Teacher Appreciation Banquet”, graduation party and other activities, give gifts to teachers in any name, and organize students to participate in off campus activities without authorization. If it is found that family committees at all levels have the above acts, they will be seriously investigated and punished in accordance with the law and regulations.

Fourth, adhere to the joint governance of mass prevention and further purify the educational environment. Through visits, open letters, inviting deputies to the National People’s Congress, members of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and media supervision, we should advocate the education system to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere, advocate families and all sectors of society to have more understanding and support for education, and jointly mark the correct course of family school development. We should earnestly work with the relevant working committee, the women’s Federation and other departments to further run parent schools, and give play to the important role of online parent schools in straightening out the pure family school and teacher-student relationship.

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