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Xueba high school students encounter fraud

Tang Mou, a 16-year-old high school student with good grades, is a famous Xueba. During the holidays, he found an app of a bill swiping website on his home mobile phone through Baidu. Through understanding, Tang Mou knew that Bill swiping could make money, so he tried to download and transfer 45 yuan to buy things “to make money”. After a period of time, he didn’t receive the money as scheduled. He was very confused and depressed, So I’m going to continue to transfer 300 yuan and try again.

When he was hesitating, Tang received a dissuasion call from the police. The police wanted to come to the door for anti fraud publicity and dissuasion, but he was afraid of being blamed by his parents and didn’t want the police to carry out dissuasion at home, so the police communicated with him, added Tang’s wechat, and carried out anti fraud publicity and accurate dissuasion through video chat.

The police explained the common routines of bill swiping fraud, student bill swiping and other telecommunications fraud cases to Xiao Tang, and exchanged views on how to conduct self psychological counseling after young students were cheated. Later, the police were not at ease and felt that they should communicate with their parents, so they contacted Tang’s father. After understanding the situation, Tang’s father hoped that his son would be educated, So he did ideological work and took his son to the police station to understand fraud knowledge.

The police carried out anti fraud publicity to the father and son

In the evening, the father and son came to Xiangyang Village police station, where the director Yang Yongjun conducted anti fraud propaganda to Xiao Tang and his son, and instruct the father and son to install the national anti fraud center App, and concerned about the official account of “panda anti fraud” publicity. Through on-site exchanges, Xiao Tang realized the enormous risks and dangers of the Internet fraud, and said he would never believe that the so-called brush money was earned. It will also carefully screen fraud information through the anti fraud platform, and publicize anti fraud knowledge to surrounding students and friends.

Xiao Tang’s father also told the police about the rescue by the police of Xiangyang Village police station two nights ago, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the police station for helping himself twice a week, and praised the behavior of Xiangyang Village police station for doing practical things for the people.

Police remind: during the summer vacation, children have a long time to contact the Internet. Don’t let children indulge in mobile phones to avoid being cheated. Parents should educate their children to inform their parents and call the police in time when they encounter indistinguishable things or receive fraudulent text messages.