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Universities, primary and secondary schools start school according to the established time

The autumn school is approaching. Can primary and secondary schools in Beijing open on schedule? For their own reasons, how to arrange the students and teaching staff who can’t arrive on time at the beginning of school? Does the kindergarten have any special requirements for epidemic prevention and management when school starts in autumn?

On the afternoon of August 11, Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, replied to the above questions one by one at the press conference of the Beijing municipal government.

Li Yi said that primary and secondary schools can start as scheduled“ In fact, according to our current overall deployment, not only primary and secondary schools, but also all colleges and universities will open normally according to the established opening time. Therefore, primary and secondary schools are officially opened on September 1 to make preparations. ”

Li Yi also said that he insisted on putting ensuring the life safety and health of teachers and students first. In this process, if there are sudden changes and time adjustment is required, a notice will be issued to the society, parents and schools as soon as possible. At present, school starts at normal time.

For teachers and students who cannot return to school on time for some reason, especially those who are still stranded in medium and high-risk areas, Li Yi said, “we have now fully mastered everyone’s position and current status. The school has made one-to-one contact, strengthened the care and help for teachers and students who have not returned to Beijing, and arranged special personnel to guide students to complete their learning tasks at home, Answer questions and provide psychological counseling, and formulate personalized plans for students’ study after returning to school. ”

With regard to epidemic prevention in kindergartens, Li Yi said that as in the past, there are separate requirements for kindergartens. Before children return to the kindergarten, the kindergarten shall sign a personal commitment for epidemic prevention and control with parents. Kindergartens shall train all teaching staff, especially new teaching staff. In addition to routine business training, we should also strengthen health training such as epidemic prevention, improve the detailed system and process, and ensure the quality of all links of daily life. Kindergartens should strengthen the “morning, afternoon and evening inspection”, and the teaching staff in the kindergarten should wear masks and fulfill the “four responsibilities”. After the kindergarten is opened, it should implement full closed management, and do not carry out parent open days and observation between classes.