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Are mothers still anxious

The “double reduction” policy urgently stopped the barbaric growth of extracurricular training.

In the cinema, as long as everyone is sitting, everyone can finish the film easily. But parents trapped in the education siege can’t help worrying. If some parents don’t sit down, what should they do?

Qian Bao reporter focused on a group of families with different grades, different levels and different educational concepts, and tried to use the educational stories of these families to answer where the anxiety of Hangzhou parents came from and where to go under the background of the “double reduction” policy.

The moon (a pseudonym) in this paper studies in a public junior middle school in Hangzhou, which belongs to the group of junior middle school students most affected by the “double reduction” policy.

“Nameless group” without competition

A wechat group opened by mother moon every day is an “unknown group”. The parents of the students in the group are from other public schools in Hangzhou. Their children have the same grade level as the moon, but the schools are different. There is no competition in the allocation of students.

This “nameless group” is the parent network resources accumulated by the moon mother when she accompanied the moon to training classes many times. Moms communicate with each other in the group because they have the same goal.

“Nameless group” is sometimes the spiritual sustenance of mother moon, but it is usually also the source of her anxiety: so and so parents in the group have won a right for their children, which makes mother moon look a little jealous; When other children go to any training class, the moon’s mother will tangle whether the moon is going to go to school.

More often, “nameless group” is the most important channel for mother moon to obtain information. As early as the first half of the year, the group talked about the “double reduction” policy. When the policy came down, some mothers made an extreme decision in her opinion – copying all the online classes of a famous teacher with multiple mobile hard disks because they were worried that the online classes would be taken off the shelf. Mother moon thought that as long as the training class was still one day, she and her daughter would not give up. This is not only about learning, but also about the daughter’s circle.

In school, there are natural barriers between good students and bad students“ The moon is a little closer to the students in the training class. First, there is no more competition. Second, our parents have created an environment and opportunities for them to get along. ” Mother Moon said.

The moon once proposed to play the secret room to escape, but she couldn’t find a playmate and had to ask her mother for help. The moon’s mother sent an invitation to escape from the secret room in the “nameless group”. The mothers immediately responded and helped the moon gather a small team.

The whole sprint on the road of competition

As the moon grew up, she began to be reluctant to accept her mother’s arrangement. Especially since the beginning of last autumn semester, the moon fought with her mother in order to gain control of learning.

The moon mother can only find various excuses to enter the moon’s room to see what she is learning. Sometimes fruit, sometimes milk.

Mother moon is sometimes very pleased that her daughter can learn by herself; Sometimes I feel very broken when I see my daughter’s unreasonable arrangements.

The daughter refused to accept the academic arrangement from her parents. This matter was sent to the unknown group by mother moon, which was envied by many parents. Some people think this is the embodiment of children’s sense of autonomy, because their children have to be arranged by their parents every day.

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