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Xuzhou fully implements the new education experiment

On the morning of August 10, the “signing ceremony of Xuzhou new education school cooperation” was successfully held by Quanzhan District Education Bureau of Xuzhou and Beijing new school year education. Li Yan, vice mayor, Li Yong, Secretary of the district Party committee, Shi Qihong, Secretary of the Municipal Education Working Committee, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Municipal Education Bureau, Xia Ruicong, vice mayor of the District, and Lu Zhiwen, honorary president of the National Institute of new education, attended the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement and conducted in-depth exchanges on regional education reform and ecological optimization.

Li Yong stressed:

The formal signing of the cooperative school running contract of Xuzhou new education school is of great significance for Quanshan district to further promote the new education experiment, enlarge high-quality education resources and promote the high-quality development of basic education. I believe that the implementation of the new education project will help our district introduce more national high-quality education resources and professional management teams, promote the in-depth development of Quanshan new education reform, and bring more high-quality and more yuan of education resources to Quanshan people.

Quanshan district will take this signing as an opportunity to give full play to the high-quality resources of the New Education Council and the company in the new academic year, carry out education reform more widely and in depth, provide greater support in policies, funds, talents and other aspects, promote the high-quality development of Quanshan basic education, do a good job in education satisfactory to the people, and truly be a leader in the battle of education reform and innovation in Xuzhou.

It is reported that after the signing ceremony, the nine-year consistent school in Quanshan district (formerly “Liyuan Road School”) will be listed as the first entrusted management school in Xuzhou as “Xuzhou new education school”. In the future, under the unified arrangement of the city’s new education work, Quanshan District Education Bureau will further integrate resources, expand the scope of cooperation, explore a new way of regional education reform and ecological optimization of “one school with multiple schools” and “multi-point integration”, and let more regions and schools actively participate in the work of the new education experiment.