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Let college students enjoy the Olympic Games

Yang Qian, a “Post-00” player from Ningbo, won the first gold medal in the women’s 10m air rifle competition in the Tokyo Olympic Games, and then won the gold medal again with another player in the mixed team competition, becoming a double gold athlete.

People praise Yang Qian’s first gold and double gold, and envy her another identity. The 21-year-old girl is still a junior at Tsinghua University. Yang Qian can not only maintain the world-class sports level, but also enter the most famous universities in China. Yang Qian’s achievements are inseparable from the mode of integrating sports and education to cultivate talents.

Winning gold and silver is inseparable from the concept of integrating sports and education

Looking at Yang Qian’s resume, we can find that in the fourth grade of primary school, Yang Qian was selected into the shooting team of Ningbo sports school with her excellent talent. Later, her performance continued to improve. At the age of 15, she won the third place in the first National Youth Games and was selected into the National Youth Olympic team that year. In 2016, Yang Qian was specially recruited into the shooting specialty class of Tsinghua affiliated high school.

After entering the Affiliated High School of Tsinghua University, Yang Qian has to squeeze out time to study culture classes in addition to high-intensity training. Because if you want to successfully enter Tsinghua University, even as a sports specialty student, the admission score is not low. Finally, Yang Qian achieved ideal results in the college entrance examination and successfully entered the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University.

In the first two years of college, Yang Qian’s grades have been very good. Although the school allowed her to take a year off in preparation for the Olympic Games, her courses still didn’t fall behind.

Winning the gold medal in the Olympic Games is not only due to its excellent strength and stable play during the games, but also inseparable from the educational concept of “integration of sports and education, combination of learning and training, and promoting training through learning” of Tsinghua University over the years.

It is understood that the shooting team of Tsinghua University, rebuilt in 1999, is jointly built by Tsinghua University and the shooting and archery management center of the State Administration of sports, so as to realize the sharing and integration of sports and educational resources and information with the national team. The school provides high-quality teaching resources for coaches and athletes of the national team. Members of the Tsinghua shooting team can also receive professional guidance and training of the national team. A group of coaches such as Zhang Heng, Wang Yifu, Xiao Jun, Shan Hong, Zhang Qiuping and Gao Jing have successively taught the Tsinghua class. In addition, the Tsinghua shooting team has also formed a through training mode with the Affiliated High School of Tsinghua University. By selecting seedlings in local middle schools or competitions, they can enter the Affiliated High School of Tsinghua University earlier and give consideration to training, so as to ensure the continuous output of competitive talents.

It can be seen that the sports and education integration and co construction win-win model of Tsinghua shooting team “integrating with the national shooting team, developing together with provincial and municipal teams, and training in one-stop with the affiliated middle school” has radiated exuberant vitality.

Improve the overall quality of athletes with professional theory and cultural knowledge

In the list of Chinese legions for the Olympic Games, Yang Qian’s student status is not an example. Players from university campuses have become a group, including not only undergraduates, but also many master’s and doctoral students, as well as university associate professors such as Su Bingtian. Of course, there are many gold and silver players among them.

Shi Tingmao, who won two gold medals in the Olympic women’s diving 3M board, is a doctoral student majoring in sports at Southwest University. According to her own introduction, after participating in the Olympic Games, she will continue to write her doctoral thesis. The theme of the thesis is to study how she can win three Olympic gold medals, six world championships and four Asian Games“ When my tutor and I decided on the research direction, I felt a little funny at first. When I started to prepare, I found it really difficult. ” She said, “because there are too many disciplines involved here. There are not only technical training, but also sports medicine, human medicine, sports recovery, sports psychology and so on. It is no easier than training.”

Shi Tingmao is not the only Olympic medal winner from Southwest University. Chen Lijun, the champion of 67kg men’s weightlifting, is studying for a master’s degree from Southwest University. Liao Qiuyun, the silver medal winner of 55kg women’s weightlifting, is his graduate classmate. Zhao Shuai, the Taekwondo champion of the previous Olympic Games and the bronze medal winner of 68kg men’s weightlifting of the current Olympic Games, obtained his master’s degree last year, At present, he is continuing his doctoral degree. In addition, Zhang Yawen, a student majoring in sports training in the school’s Institute of physical education, also won the bronze medal in women’s doubles in badminton.