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Why did you choose vocational school

“Vocational school, let me find my own shining point” “vocational school, is my most regretless choice”… Recently, the admission work of secondary vocational colleges in Foshan is coming to an end. In recent years, many students who can read ordinary high schools have chosen to learn skills in vocational schools to achieve the value of life. Although the students who failed in the high school entrance examination regretted that they were not admitted to the general high school, they were also exempted from the examination by Shenzhen Vocational and technical college through their own efforts, realizing the opportunity to shine in life. Nanfang + reporter interviewed five vocational school students in five districts of Foshan and listened to their “transformation of vocational school”.

Foshan Huacai vocational and technical school Liu Zhiwen:

I found myself in vocational school

Liu Zhiwen is a 2019 student of Foshan Huacai vocational and technical school. He studies in Yanbu No. 3 middle school in junior middle school. In the middle school entrance examination, she got more than 600 points. She could have enrolled in a key high school, but she chose a vocational school under the persuasion of her parents.

“At that time, I didn’t want to come to vocational school to study, but my parents thought there were too many Chinese college students. Even if I was admitted to a key middle school, I would be more nervous and tired. I hope I can learn technology and master my skills in vocational school. So I volunteered to fill in the Shishan stone gate and went to Huacai if I couldn’t rush in. ” Liu Zhiwen said.

Liu Zhiwen chose the major of robot application and maintenance“ When I was a child, I liked to play with a small manipulator and occasionally learned programming. With the continuous development of society and entering the era of artificial intelligence, I am very interested in new things such as robots. ” Liu Zhiwen, who had just entered the first year of senior high school and held a training team, enthusiastically signed up and was successfully selected. Under the guidance of Mr. Zuo Xiang, he won the second prize of Guangdong flexible manufacturing and information integration technology application competition.

From the initial reluctance, Liu Zhiwen gradually loved his major. In the first semester of high school, I bought a equipment for the preparatory school, but it was too large to move into the elevator to transport it to the training room on the 13th floor. Finally, Liu Zhiwen and his teachers and classmates worked together to measure some parts, mark them, remove them, jack up the equipment with an automobile repair jack, and finally successfully transport the equipment upstairs.

“Joining the training team is a very difficult stage, but in overcoming knowledge difficulties, the instructor taught us very carefully and didn’t go home on weekends to help us think about procedures and solve problems with us. We all paid a lot for the competition, so I thought we must find a way to move the training equipment up and try our best to train to add glory to the school. ” Liu Zhiwen said.

In March this year, Liu Zhiwen and dozens of small partners went to the public training center of Huashu robot for internship“ The enterprise is different from the school environment. We can see the way the enterprise does things. In addition to theory, it also allows us to practice, and the combination of thinking is very high. Different from the subjects such as math and English in ordinary high schools, I can learn a lot of professional skills in vocational schools, which is a good exercise and experience for me. ” Liu Zhiwen said.

Liu Zhiwen was once afraid of being labeled as a “poor student” and was afraid of a bad learning atmosphere in vocational schools. But in the past two years, she felt that the school teachers were very professional and the atmosphere among her classmates was very harmonious.

“Vocational school is not what everyone stereotypes. Here I learned a lot of knowledge and made a lot of good friends. I used to be a shy girl, but now I’m becoming generous and building up my self-confidence. The high school entrance examination results do not represent your ability. I found myself in vocational school and will continue to struggle on this road. ” Liu Zhiwen said.