In 2021, the tuition fees of G5 institutions in the UK will rise collectively in autumn!

Dispute over the boundary of education and training industry

On July 27, 2021, a well-known education and training institution taught by Chengdu Teacher Wang Yumin received such a questionnaire. Wang Yumin said that this is the statistics made by the local education administrative department for legal school running institutions. Her institution focuses on K12 English teaching, so she truthfully fills in “subject training”.

Three days ago, on July 24, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further reducing students’ homework burden and after-school training burden at the stage of compulsory education (hereinafter referred to as “double reduction”), requiring students to effectively reduce their excessive homework burden and after-school training burden within “one year and achieve remarkable results within three years”.

The “double reduction” scheme was announced. Chengdu is one of the nine pilot cities in China. In addition, there are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Changzhi, Weihai and Nantong. Other provinces choose at least one prefecture to carry out the pilot.

The “double reduction” divides out of school training institutions in the stage of compulsory education into two categories, discipline and non discipline. The former is more restricted and the supervision is tightened in an all-round way.

“Non profit” is the key to discipline training supervision“ All localities will no longer approve new discipline after-school training institutions for students in the stage of compulsory education, and the existing discipline training institutions are uniformly registered as non-profit institutions. Discipline training institutions shall not be listed for financing. ”

Therefore, how to delimit discipline and non discipline has been the focus of attention of the industry and parents for a long time: in addition to the number of words in the traditional sense, the three main subjects, do other subjects belong to discipline or non discipline?

Nearly a week after the implementation of the plan, on July 30, the Ministry of Education issued a document again to clarify the scope of two types of training: ethics and the rule of law, Chinese, history, geography, mathematics, foreign languages (English, Japanese and Russian), physics, chemistry and biology, which are managed according to the discipline category, sports (or sports and health), art (or music and Art), and comprehensive practical activities (including information technology education Labor and technical education) shall be managed according to non disciplines.

To clarify the key issues, the next step is how to transform or even exit. As for some parents with high demand for Discipline Training, they still have expectations.