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More “double reduction” in action

On the evening of July 24, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education (hereinafter referred to as the “double reduction” Opinions).

In fact, since this year, many places have taken actions to promote the process of “double reduction” around the management of out of school training and the improvement of teaching quality in schools.

Shandong: the governance norms of out of school training institutions will be included in the important supervision and evaluation contents of all localities

In classroom teaching, we should enrich the teaching content closely related to nature, society and life, stimulate students’ interest in learning and improve classroom efficiency. Establish a system for the overall planning and disclosure of subject work classes and total amount control in primary and secondary schools, encourage the arrangement of work in layers, and prohibit the arrangement of repetitive and punitive work.

In terms of after-school services, on the basis of the full implementation of after-school delay services in primary schools, we will achieve full coverage of after-school services in junior middle schools. In terms of standardization of after-school training, we should strengthen guidance, adhere to the public welfare attribute of education, strengthen supervision, establish a “black-and-white list” and information disclosure system, strengthen the supervision of charging and pre charging of training institutions, and standardize marketing behaviors such as educational advertising.

The governance norms of out of school training institutions will be included in the important supervision and evaluation contents throughout Shandong, and the evaluation results will be included in the evaluation index system of the government’s performance of educational responsibilities. Shandong will also establish a notification system, regularly disclose the rectification situation and typical cases to the public, and publish the “blacklist” of after-school training institutions through multiple channels.

In addition to Shandong, the detailed rules for “double reduction” in many places across the country have also been implemented one after another. Next, let’s learn together with Xiaobian~

Beijing: Discipline training institutions no longer open in summer

Beijing has stopped the subject summer courses in the stage of compulsory education. On August 3, the education leading group of Beijing Municipal Party committee held a meeting to deploy the “double reduction” work. Discipline training institutions strictly implement the requirements of the Central Committee and the municipal Party committee and will not start classes in summer.

For out of school training, the meeting required to pay close attention to the “three limits”. That is, limit the number of institutions, training time and charging price; Do a good job in the “three stricts”, that is, strictly control the content and behavior, prohibit random capitalization, and strictly control advertising.

For school education, it is required to earnestly implement the main responsibility in the school and achieve “three mentions”. That is to improve the quality of education, the level of homework management and the level of after-school service; Implement the “three management”, that is, to manage the education and teaching order, the examination and evaluation, and the teachers’ making up lessons in violation of regulations. The meeting also made clear instructions for the transformation of off campus institutions, requiring off campus institutions to complete the transformation from four aspects: nature, thinking, business and mode, so as to make off campus institutions a useful supplement to on campus education.

Shanghai: it is strictly prohibited to organize primary and secondary school students to participate in the joint examination and monthly examination

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education issued the notice on printing and distributing the 2021 annual curriculum plan and its instructions for primary and secondary schools in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which clearly states that schools are strictly prohibited from organizing primary and secondary school students to participate in any form and any range of joint or monthly examinations. The final examinations of grades 3, 4 and 5 of primary schools are limited to Chinese and mathematics, and other disciplines are only examined, The grade system shall be strictly implemented in the academic evaluation of primary school students. All junior and senior high schools should do a good job in the evaluation of students’ comprehensive quality, reflect students’ all-round development and personality, and promote each student’s lifelong development.