Perseverance can have the courage to overcome everything

The more indulgent the children, the better

The monthly test results came out.

Perseverance can have the courage to overcome everything

My friend’s middle school son scored in the 70s in several subjects, but he barely passed with a 62 in math.

Such a result is near the bottom of the class.

Back to his son in primary school when the door subjects more than 90 points, a friend lost his temper.

‘It seems I can’t live on campus any longer! I must let him go home and watch him and work hard at it.’“Said the friend finally.

Her feelings are understandable, but I don’t agree.

All on the middle school, should learn to plan their own, rely on parents to stare only willing to learn the child, can stare until when?

“A child will not run away from something he is interested in,” said Zhang Min, an expert recommended by the Ministry of Education in 2019. “He avoids learning, which means there must be something wrong with the way he opens his study.”

How can it be called “hard work” to study this matter?

A “bitter” word, let how many children hope “learn” sigh!

If study brings him, only to be forced, supervised, and for the examination of “have to do” helpless, he will try every means to evade, to escape.

What is bitter is not learning itself, but the passive feeling of oppression.

The highest level of education is not “I will do what my parents want me to do”, but “I am willing to learn well”.

The former power, derived from the external drive of the parents, brings the child passivity, resistance and rebellion. When he is out of sight of the parents, he will lose control.

The latter motivation, derived from the child’s own internal drive, brings a sense of initiative, self-awareness, and self-mastery of pleasure.

The child who is awakened by the drive is able to stick to one thing more attentively and persistently, thus leading to excellence.

The drive makes the child rise to the challenge and persevere

Not long ago, Zhang Tianzhu, a freshman at the National University of Defense Technology, was a hot search, and even the People’s Daily praised him as “inspirational.”

Zhang weighed 160 kg when he was 9 years old, and reached 305 kg in his second year of high school.

But he went on doing nothing, doing no exercise, and eating too much.

It wasn’t until 2017 that he saw zhu’s parade on TV.

The rustling heroic posture of the soldiers and their parents’ respect for the soldiers made him have an idea: “I want to apply for the National University of Defense Technology!”

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