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Chow Yun Fat received an honorary doctorate

The University held an honorary doctor’s degree awarding ceremony on the 7th. The well-known Hong Kong actor Chow Yun fat was awarded the “honorary doctor of Humanities” in recognition of his professional achievements and important contributions to global films.

It is reported that at the award ceremony on that day, Zhou Runfa, with white hair, wore a doctor’s robe and a mask, came to the stage. After wearing a doctor’s hat, the whole audience applauded and congratulated. Chow Yun Fat bowed his thanks and delivered a speech on the stage. He thanked the Baptist University for awarding him this doctoral degree.

China News Agency reported that Chow Yun fat, 66, lived on Lamma Island in his childhood and moved to Kowloon at the age of 10. In the third grade of middle school, he devoted himself to social work in order to help his family. His mother took him across the sea to Hong Kong to study at the “social university” in the 1960s. At that time, he lived in the old Tang building, which was very crowded; He liked to go to the spare time show, but he didn’t know what a movie was at that time. He went to the movie just for air conditioning. It was not until the 1970s that I enrolled in the “wireless University (i.e. wireless TV artist training course)”, and after graduation, I kept filming and talking about dialogue.

Looking back on the decades of making movies, Chow Yun fat found it very interesting. He went from Cantonese to Hollywood to ABC, and then went to the mainland to talk about Zhi Chi Shi“ At that time, we had to pay 100% of our efforts because we were making a living. So I want to thank the people of Hong Kong for giving me a lot of encouragement, tolerance and love. I want to thank the people of Hong Kong again, this place of Hong Kong! ”

The report mentioned that this is not the first time Chow Yun fat was awarded a doctorate. He was awarded an honorary academician by the Hong Kong Academy for performing arts as early as 1999, and then an honorary doctor of literature by the City University of Hong Kong in 2001. This is the third honorary degree.

Singapore media reported that Chow Yun fat had starred in many classic films and won many awards. In 1973, he entered the 3rd actor training course of Hong Kong Wireless TV, and then entered the performing arts circle. In 1980, he became a popular star with the TV series “Shanghai beach”. In 1986, he became a well-known superstar with the “little horse” of the film “hero’s true colors”. He has won many awards, including the Golden Horse Award for “waiting for dawn” and the film emperor of the Asia Pacific Film Festival, “hero’s true colors”, “dragon and tiger wind and cloud” “A Lang’s story” won three Hong Kong Golden Awards. In 2000, it starred in “Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon” directed by Ang Lee, becoming the only Chinese film in history that won the Oscar for the best foreign language film.