The four famous universities in Changsha no longer have the advantages of recruiting students in the whole province. Will the advantages of the college entrance examination be so great in three years?

Low college recognition

“In recent years, colleges and universities everywhere have been renamed universities with the support of the local government, and many schools ranking behind Beijing Institute of printing have successfully changed their names. The major of Beijing Institute of printing is basically a batch of enrollment, but it is also called the college. The degree of social recognition of the college is still lower than that of the University. ” Recently, some netizens asked Beijing leaders through the people’s network leadership message board. When can Beijing Institute of printing be renamed?

On August 4, @ Beijing 12345 quoted the reply of Beijing Municipal Education Commission as saying: verified by Beijing Institute of printing, the renaming of the university has always been the direction of the future development of the University and the goal that several generations of the University have tried to achieve. The university has established a renaming office and done a lot of research and construction work, which has played a good role in promoting the development of the University. At present, the renaming construction work has been written into the school’s “14th five year plan”, but the school still has some shortcomings to overcome in terms of software, hardware and school running scale. At the same time, affected by the overall environment and policies, the renaming construction work is still under preparation. When the time is ripe in the future, it will be promoted in due time.

Surging news noted that other netizens recently pointed out that with the trend of shrinking the overall volume of the printing and publishing industry in recent years, the printing industry has become a “sunset industry” in the mouth of candidates’ parents. In addition, the current advantageous fields of northern India have already greatly exceeded the printing industry. Now the school name of northern India has become an obstacle that we have to pay attention to limiting school enrollment, Renaming a university is the common expectation of students and alumni.

According to the information on the school’s official website, Beijing Institute of printing is subordinate to Beijing, formerly the Institute of culture established by the Ministry of culture of the people’s Republic of China in 1958; In 1961, the school of culture was closed and its printing technology department was incorporated into the Central Academy of Arts and crafts; In 1978, with the approval of the State Council, Beijing Institute of printing was established on the basis of the printing technology department of the Central Academy of Arts and crafts, which was managed by the former state publishing administration; In 2000, the school was assigned to Beijing. After more than 60 years of construction and development, the university has become a full-time high-level characteristic university with obvious advantages and characteristics in the three fields of printing and packaging, publishing and communication, design and art, and the coordinated development of industry, culture, art and management. It is the only full-time high-level characteristic university in China that specially trains talents for the whole industry chain of publishing and media, and is known as a famous university in the industry.

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