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What does the school need to do most

Recently, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education. This policy, which is popularly known as “double reduction”, has an unprecedented high standard.

Since October 2020, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have issued the general plan for deepening the reform of educational evaluation in the new era. The Ministry of education has held meetings for many times to emphasize the implementation and require all kinds of educational institutions and schools at all levels to resolutely overcome the chronic disease of “five only” — for the majority of primary and secondary schools, there are mainly the chronic diseases of “only score” and “only entrance”, By the first half of this year, the Ministry of education had intensively carried out the implementation inspection of the “five management”, and then the “double reduction” this time. The core is the operation problem.

The key to reducing students’ homework burden lies in the school and in the front line of teaching. School is about to start. What does the school need to do most in the face of “double reduction”? As a front-line teacher, the author suggests:

First, we should effectively publicize the policy.

According to the author’s observation, from the implementation of the “five management” in the first half of the year, the strength of many schools is far from enough, and the wait-and-see mood is still strong. The “double reduction” policy was introduced. According to the author’s understanding, many schools did not estimate the situation enough and did not understand the reality enough. They were still lucky and thought that they would be fine after a wind as before.

Now is not a matter of waiting and waiting, but of taking immediate action. We should publicize, study, emphasize and implement the policies of the Central Committee and the Ministry of education in place, loosen the constraints on teachers ideologically and spiritually, and let teachers really understand that our educational goal is to cultivate a new generation of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, rather than “one good” students who only look at the test results.

Second, implement it in place.

There are many reasons for the heavy homework burden of primary and secondary school students. How to solve this problem? The author believes that we should start with school homework management.

Homework is a basic part of teaching. Schools should have a complete set of management measures. From the current operation management of all kinds of schools at all levels, we mainly focus on inspection. The inspection contents are clearly stipulated by the school and relevant institutions, and there are no major problems. The heavy homework burden of primary and middle school students is just not within the scope of inspection. It is another part besides this – including explicit and implicit aspects. Explicit assignments mainly refer to those completed through writing, such as a large number of loose leaf assignments – concepts and knowledge points of science, new words, words, phrases, sentences and other contents that need to be remembered in liberal arts. Most of them are repetitive – some teachers often write many times, not to mention the eye popping punishment. In addition, there are various exercises and unit tests printed by teachers inside and outside the school, as well as various exercise materials purchased by students by teachers in violation of regulations. Implicit homework, including recitation of words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and chapters of liberal arts, excessive reading, search of relevant materials, preview of various subjects, etc.

In fact, the achievement of excellent results in many schools mainly comes from the quantity of homework, not the quality of homework. In fact, through quality homework, you can also achieve good results. The author suggests that this requires the school to do a good job in guiding and supervising teachers, promote teachers’ arrangement of students’ homework to a positive and scientific cycle, and completely abandon the arrangement mode of arbitrary, repeated, inefficient and deceptive.

First of all, clarify the contents of non inspection homework of all grades and subjects except inspection homework. For example, for the preview of Chinese in junior middle school, circle points and draw appropriate annotations, and be able to read classic texts or contents; We should encourage students to use more spare time to read independently and strive to expand and extend beyond class.

Secondly, the school should do a good job in the inspection and implementation. We should resolutely abandon the practice of thunder and small rain points, and be consistent and consistent. Through various forms such as teacher reports, unified planning and coordination of teachers in the same subject, filling in students’ and teachers’ logs, students’ questionnaire survey, parents’ visit, leaders’ visit to the classroom, we will resolutely put an end to teachers’ random assignment of homework, and completely exclude redundant homework from school and home. Formulate necessary disciplinary measures: timely announce and warn problems found within a certain range; For those who do not change after repeated education, more severe measures should be taken to make an example of others.

Third, every teacher should earnestly implement classroom teaching and do everything that should be taught. When students are in school, teachers should guide, point, train and improve in class, so that students can not only eat enough and eat well, but also let potential students find the feeling of jumping; Don’t do anything detrimental to teachers’ Ethics for your own benefit, and don’t give extracurricular training institutions an opportunity to take advantage of it.

It should be emphasized here that there must be a total amount control on the time for students to complete written homework – according to the requirements of “double reduction” and “five management”, ensure that no homework is arranged in Grade 1 and grade 2 of primary school, the average completion time of written homework from grade 3 to grade 6 of primary school is no more than 60 minutes, and the average completion time of written homework in junior middle school is no more than 90 minutes.

In addition, schools can not take the examination results as the only standard for teachers’ evaluation, but should pay attention to the evaluation of teachers’ whole teaching process. A single examination score comment is the result evaluation and the final word. It will only make teachers focus on doing questions, try every means and invest more energy in various training, and it is difficult for students to get out of the heavy homework pile. The school should earnestly implement the load reduction policies and specific arrangements of the Central Committee and the Ministry of education, implement the work into the daily teaching behavior and process of teachers, truly master the actual teaching situation of each teacher and do a good job in the process evaluation of teachers through various forms such as lectures, communication, inspection and visits.