He only got 15 points in mathematics

Cattle school investment line “reshuffle”

The layman watches the excitement while the expert watches the doorway.

This year, the admission results of Guangzhou high school entrance examination have been released one after another. Guangzhou foreign schools with an admission score of 724 occupy the top of the list, and Guangzhou supplementary rules rank second with a difference of only 4 points. Huafu, a famous traditional school, was unexpectedly cold.

Some people say that the pattern of Guangzhou high school is undergoing a new reshuffle.

It’s not. Objectively speaking, the admission score line is the direct reflection between the situation of candidates filling in their volunteers and the situation of school enrollment. When the number of high score candidates applies for the examination, the admission score line is naturally high; Education is a project that needs long-term investment. Only one ranking can redefine the strength of the school, which itself has a certain deviation.

As we all know, there are traditional “four famous schools” in Guangzhou (Huafu, provincial, practical, Guangya and Zhixin). However, from this year’s high school entrance examination, the supply of high-quality schools has increased, and parents’ choices have become more and more diversified.

Guangwai Guangfu took the lead, and the seventh middle school was unexpectedly cold

This year is the first year of the “new high school entrance examination” in Guangzhou. The enrollment batch is adjusted and optimized from the original 7 batches to 4 batches. Senior high school entrance examination admission scores (registered residence students) in 2021 were Guangzhou foreign language school (724), Guangzhou University affiliated middle school (720), Guangdong Guangya middle school (Guangya part), Guangzhou Zhixin middle school, Guangzhou sixth middle school respectively, followed by 713, 709, 707 points respectively. The middle school entrance examination in 2021 was a new form of the entrance examination.

The secondary schools affiliated to South China Normal University and Guangdong Experimental Middle School were unexpectedly cold, which surprised many people. You know, in the middle school entrance examination in 2020, Huafu’s admission score was 728, ranking first; The province actually ranked second with 723 points.

The admission results of some district high schools are also good. The admission score of middle schools in Tianhe District is generally high, 691 points outside the day; 683 points for Guangzhou middle school; The admission scores of Guangzhou Zhenguang middle school (school headquarters) and Guangzhou Peiying middle school were 670, far ahead of the second place; The admission score of Guangzhou Zhongyuan middle school in Panyu district is 685; In Huangpu District, the highest admission score is Guangzhou Yuyan middle school, with a score of 677.

It is worth mentioning that the leading secondary school in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou seventh middle school (household registration) admission scores for 650 points, compared to sixteenth secondary schools compared to nearly 40 points.

Why is the score line of Guangzhou foreign schools the first?

According to this year’s admission rules, all indicators of Guangzhou foreign schools have completed enrollment in the first batch, and will not participate in the second batch of quota allocation and the third batch of admission. Therefore, many students choose to rush and fill in the first batch of Guangzhou foreign schools. Even if they are not admitted, it will not affect the admission of the second and third batches.

In the third batch of registered residence students, the majority of the middle schools took the top 720 points. In fact, in today’s territory of basic education in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou affiliated Department has become a force that can not be ignored. In the high school entrance examination in 2020, the majority of affiliated high schools broke into the top five for the first time in nearly five years with an admission score of 717 points.

Parents know that its export performance in junior high school is good. In recent years, the heavy cost rate of the college entrance examination has stabilized at more than 90%. In 2019 college entrance examination, three students entered the top 50 in the province. In the 2020 college entrance examination, the scores of Guangfu college entrance examination were blocked by 3 people, second only to Huafu.

Candidates seeking stability in the first year of reform may be out of gear, resulting in low scores

Why is Huafu really cold?

This year is the first year of the “new high school entrance examination” in Guangzhou. In addition to the change of admission batch, there are also changes in the scoring subjects of the examination. For example, it was included in the high school entrance examination for the first time in history, the English score was adjusted to 120 points, and the sports score was 70 points.

Therefore, in the face of no small changes, many excellent candidates may not “fight”, but choose the most confident school within their ability, focusing on stability.

Another possibility of sudden cold is “out of gear”.

Because the school must complete the enrollment plan, the scores of most students may be normal, and there may be a gap in the middle, resulting in a low admission score line. Therefore, the score line is the score of the last student admitted by the school, which cannot represent the overall quality of students admitted by the school this year.

This year, there were 240 candidates with more than 750 points in the city, and 50 were admitted by Huafu, accounting for 20.8%, a new high in recent years. The city’s highest score of 776 points was also admitted to Huafu. The average score of the students admitted by Huafu in Guangzhou (excluding HNA class) is 726.9, which is still at a high level.

A similar situation also occurred in the college entrance examination. This year, the nursing major of the Department of medicine of Peking University enrolled in Yunnan for the first year, which may not have attracted the attention of more candidates and parents, so there was a “small year” for the major. The admission score line is only 521 points, 1 point higher than this line.