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Training institutional governance in Chengdu

On July 20, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education (hereinafter referred to as the “double reduction” Opinions). As one of the nine pilot cities in China, how will Chengdu implement the “double reduction” opinions and standardize off campus training institutions?

To further consolidate the city

Achievements of special rectification actions to standardize off campus training institutions

Chengdu Education Bureau recently issued a notice

The “double reduction” pilot off campus training organization governance supervision was launched

And special rectification action “looking back”


Review of Discipline Training Institutions

According to the latest requirements, since mid July 2021, all districts (cities) and counties of Chengdu shall not approve new discipline after-school training institutions for students in the stage of compulsory education.


Training expenses for holidays, winter and summer vacation

From the issuance of the “double reduction” document on July 20, 2021, all off campus training institutions in Chengdu shall not charge discipline training fees for students at the stage of compulsory education to participate in national legal holidays, rest days and cold and summer holidays in the future. In such cases, the training institution shall unconditionally refund the above fees to the students’ parents in full.


On social supervision of training institutions

From the beginning of August to the end of December, the Municipal Bureau of Education organized special forces to establish a “look back” working group on the governance of Chengdu off campus training institutions. At the same time, deputies to the National People’s Congress, members of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, citizens’ representatives and news media reporters are invited to act as “observers” to exercise social supervision over the governance of training institutions. The working group will use the method of “four no’s and two straight’s” (no notice, no greeting, no report, no company, straight to the grass-roots level, straight into the site) to investigate and secretly visit the training institutions, focusing on seven items ↓↓

The working group will timely feed back the problems and illegal clues found to the relevant district (city) and county education administrative departments, and the evaluation results will be included in the district (city) and county objective assessment.

Chengdu training institution governance “looking back” and adding weight

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The key to the “double reduction” measure is to improve the teaching quality in the school and let students learn well in the school.

Chengdu will strive to promote the “three mentions and one standard” in the school and help the “double reduction” work. Focus on improving school education and teaching quality, improving after-school service level, improving homework quality and standardizing examination management, so as to make school homework arrangement more scientific and reasonable and after-school service better meet students’ needs. Through the establishment of after-school service access system and after-school service resource database, non-disciplinary training institutions and experts outside the school are introduced to support and enrich after-school services in primary and secondary schools, so as to make students better return to the campus. For after-school services, we will implement the “flexible commute system” for teachers and make overall arrangements for teachers’ work and rest.

The “double promotion” project will be implemented to further improve the enrollment rate of junior middle school graduates and the enrollment rate of secondary vocational students into colleges and universities. We will improve the policy on target students and increase the proportion of high-quality ordinary high school students. Promote districts (cities) and counties to implement the “multiplication of high-quality public services” project, implement the action of cultivating high-quality schools, and implement the “accurate support for the poor”. By 2025, each district (city) and county will have at least one provincial-level demonstration high school, and the coverage of high-quality primary and secondary schools will reach 70%.

The opinion of “double reduction” requires that off campus training institutions shall not organize Discipline Training on national legal holidays, rest days and cold and summer holidays.

As a pilot city, Chengdu’s “look back” action will further strengthen and standardize the operation time of after-school training institutions, and strictly implement the “three no’s” requirements:

★ training institutions shall not organize students to make up classes during the normal course of the school;

★ the time of offline training shall not exceed 8:30 p.m. (no more than 45 minutes per class, and the course interval shall not be less than 10 minutes), and the time of online training shall not exceed 9:00 p.m. (no more than 30 minutes per class, and the course interval shall not be less than 10 minutes);

★ it is not allowed to organize discipline training at the stage of compulsory education on national legal holidays, rest days and cold and summer holidays.

Parents should note that from July 20, 2021, all off campus training institutions in Chengdu shall not charge the training fees of students on national legal holidays, rest days and cold and summer holidays in the future, and parents shall not pay the fees for the above periods. It is understood that Chengdu is formulating and improving the “double reduction” work plan and will reasonably determine the deadline for “class elimination”.

The “look back” action in Chengdu will continue until the end of this year. The focus of the action is to comprehensively clean up and ban the “black” institutions without license, without license, but with discipline training.

It is reported that in 2020, Chengdu launched an 8-month special rectification action for out of school training institutions, closed 783 “black” institutions, supervised and standardized 1007 unlicensed institutions to obtain school running licenses. The proportion of discipline training institutions in the city decreased, and the proportion of art and sports training institutions increased. Institutions engaged in art and sports, labor education and other training accounted for 52% of all training institutions, an increase of 15% compared with 2019.