Good news from the Ministry of Education

Tsinghua University, Qiu Chengtong in 2022

On August 4, surging news learned from Tsinghua University that Tsinghua will continue to carry out Qiu Chengtong’s Mathematical Science leading talent training plan in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as “mathematical leading plan”). From August 5 to September 10 this year, eligible middle school students can register online.

The “mathematics Leadership Program” recruits students with outstanding mathematics potential and expertise in middle school all over the world. The annual enrollment scale of the plan is no more than 100. It is admitted to Tsinghua mathematics and Applied Mathematics Major (eight-year system). It is trained by relying on Tsinghua truth seeking academy and adopts the “3 + 2 + 3” training mode, from undergraduate to doctoral“ During the “3 + 2 + 3” stage, you shall not transfer to other majors.

The selected objects of the program include: global middle school students who advocate science, physical and mental health, excellent grades, show outstanding mathematical potential and expertise, and are interested in lifelong scientific research; It mainly recruits senior high school freshmen and senior high school sophomores in the mainland. Especially excellent junior high school sophomores and senior high school sophomores can also apply; Overseas students are mainly enrolled in grades 10 and 11, and especially excellent students in grades 9 and 12 can also apply.

In 2022, the mathematics leader plans to recruit students in four batches: from August to September 2021, organize registration and selection for mainland students. The selection methods and requirements shall be subject to the subsequent instructions of the enrollment measures. From September to December 2021, registration and selection will be organized separately for students selected into the national training team of 2021 mathematics and physics Olympics and students who won the mathematics competition award of Qiu Chengtong female middle school students in 2021. From October 2021 to March 2022, apply and select for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and international student organizations. From July to September 2022, the enrollment and selection of 2022 Tsinghua undergraduate freshmen who have been admitted.

The selection procedure of the plan includes six links: preliminary evaluation, professional test, physical fitness test, finalist identification, confirmation and preparatory training. Compared with the first enrollment, there is less “comprehensive test” link.

From August 5, 2021 to September 10, 2021, interested students can register online( ), submit relevant materials online. Before September 20, candidates can query the preliminary examination results and test arrangements through the registration system. The first batch of relevant tests will be held in late September. In late October, the finalist identification results will be announced and the finalist identification certificate will be sent. From March to June 2022, the selected candidates enter the school for preparatory training, and can go through the admission procedures only after passing the investigation.

Mainland students who have been recognized as finalists and passed the preparatory investigation do not need to participate in the college entrance examination. Tsinghua will separately file for admission with reference to the admission method of escort students, and the specific measures will be notified separately; Such students shall not be admitted to other colleges and universities as fresh graduates.

The program aims to cultivate a group of leading talents who have a solid mathematical foundation and can lead the development of basic mathematics and related application fields in China and even the world.