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Tourists are not allowed to visit since August 3

The reporter learned from the official WeChat public platform of Wuhan University. In view of the serious situation of COVID-19, the school will take temporary control measures on some of the school gates, and will not accept visitors’ appointment to visit the campus.

Beijing News (reporter Qi Wang) in August 3rd, the reporter learned from Wuhan University’s official WeChat public platform, in view of the current COVID-19 situation is grim, the school will take temporary closure of some school gate control measures, and temporarily do not accept visitors to visit the campus appointment.

According to the notice of the Security Department of Wuhan University, from 7:00 on August 3 to 24:00 on August 15, the motorways at the east gate and west gate of the arts and science department of Wuhan University were temporarily closed, and the pedestrian passage at the east gate could pass normally; Lingbomen of the Ministry of Arts and Sciences and hongbomen of the Ministry of engineering were temporarily closed.

Wuhan University stressed that from 7:00 on August 3 to 24:00 on August 15, the university does not accept any reservation for tourists (including teams) to visit the campus“ The vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the school gate shall comply with the requirements of normalized epidemic control. Teachers, students and family members are invited to actively cooperate with the relevant inspection work of the gate duty personnel. ”

The reporter noted that in addition to Wuhan University, other colleges and universities in Wuhan have also introduced corresponding measures to further strengthen the school epidemic prevention and control.

On August 3, Huazhong University of science and Technology issued a notice requiring the campus access control to implement the real name access system, and check the health code and “communication big data travel card” for teachers, students, employees and residents returning from other places. At the same time, the school requires that off campus personnel “must not enter the campus” and shall not enter the campus without appointment and approval. Approved off campus personnel or vehicles shall enter and leave the campus at the designated gate. Epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks, checking ID card information, health code, “communication big data travel card” and measuring body temperature shall be strictly implemented when entering and leaving the campus.

On August 3, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters office of Huazhong Agricultural University issued a notice on Further Strengthening the control of access to and from the campus, requiring all personnel to “ask for identity, record information, measure body temperature, check code (Health Code) card (Communication big data travel card) and wear mask”; All the staff entering the campus are appointed by the WeChat official account “e Jianan” system, and will be admitted to the campus by the invitation or the contact unit after examination and approval.

On August 3, Hubei University also issued a notice on strengthening campus management and control, requiring non campus personnel to “not enter the campus without necessity”, and continue to strictly implement the admission appointment approval system in accordance with the principle of “who approves is responsible”. At the same time, Hubei University requires to stop the gathering activities in the University, and all kinds of teaching, meetings, training and other activities are postponed or carried out online.