Good news from the Ministry of Education

Implement Putonghua Education for preschool children

The Ministry of education has decided to implement the “children’s language homophony” plan for preschool children’s Putonghua Education during the 14th Five Year Plan period, so as to play a fundamental role in consolidating the foundation of lifelong development, helping individuals grow into talents, helping rural revitalization and serving and casting a strong sense of the Chinese nation community.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education recently issued the notice on the implementation of the “children’s language homophony” plan for preschool children’s Putonghua Education, focusing on ethnic and rural areas, further strengthen the promotion of the national common language, seize the critical period of language learning in early childhood, and strive to strengthen Preschool children’s Putonghua Education.

The notice requires that from the autumn semester of 2021, kindergartens in ethnic areas and rural areas that do not use the national common language to carry out protection and education activities will use the national common language to carry out protection and education activities, so as to create a good Putonghua Education Environment for children.

According to the plan of the Ministry of education, during the “14th five year plan” period, kindergarten teachers in ethnic areas and rural areas will be trained in the application ability of the national common language by stages and batches, so as to basically solve the problem of insufficient education and teaching ability of kindergarten teachers in the national common language. Make preschool children in ethnic areas and rural areas gradually have basic Mandarin communication skills, so as to lay a good language foundation for learning in the stage of compulsory education.

The Ministry of education requires that the implementation plan should give play to the main and leading role of government investment, actively strive for capital investment from different channels, give full play to the role of the central and local counterpart support mechanism, widely mobilize social forces to participate and improve Putonghua teaching conditions. We should respect the objective law of children’s physical and mental development and language learning, combine teaching with fun, and step by step, so as to achieve the goal of learning Mandarin that children understand, dare to speak and speak.

In addition, the notice requires a sound teaching staff. Applicants for kindergarten teacher qualification and newly employed kindergarten teachers shall reach the national unified standard of grade II, grade B and above. In normal universities and normal majors that include preschool education majors or directions, we will strengthen the training and supplement of local public funded normal students of preschool education majors facing ethnic areas, and encourage and guide graduates to return to their ethnic areas for employment.