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Illegal charges and paid make-up classes

At present, Shaanxi Province has seriously investigated and dealt with violations of rules and disciplines, including ordering refund, demerit recording by senior management, notification of criticism and other punishment measures.

Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) illegal collection of delayed service fees, paid make-up classes for teachers, false publicity and enrollment… Today (August 2), Shaanxi Provincial Department of education reported 6 typical cases of violation of rules and discipline in the education system. At present, the province has seriously investigated and dealt with the above violations, including ordering refund, high-level demerit recording, notification of criticism and other punishment measures.

The school illegally collects delay service fees, review materials fees, etc

In terms of illegal charges, according to the circular, in February 2020, Yanyuan middle school in Yanchuan County, Yan’an City illegally charged 990 yuan per student for the delayed service during the autumn semester and winter vacation of 2019, and 440.5 yuan for the review materials of the middle school entrance examination to the ninth grade students. At present, Yanchuan County Bureau of education, science, technology and sports has instructed Yanyuan middle school to refund all fees in full, give Yanchuan County Yanyuan middle school principal Gao An administrative warning and vice principal Li an administrative demerit recording, and circulate a notice of criticism throughout the county.

Wang, former Minister of Military Sports Department of Shaanxi national defense industry vocational and technical college, also illegally charged student fees. From September 2017 to September 2019, Wang (department level) arranged Department staff to take military training photos and charge students 10 yuan per photo. A total of 82750 yuan was collected in the three years, of which 40650 yuan was used to pay the cost of photos and purchase and distribute military training supplies, and the remaining 42100 yuan was used to pay subsidies to the teaching staff of the Ministry of military sports in violation of regulations. At present, Wang has been given a warning by the Party committee of the college, and the illegal expenses have been recovered.

Teachers pay for making up lessons and explaining illegal teaching auxiliary materials

In terms of teachers’ violations, it was reported that on July 20, 2020, the temporarily employed teacher Li released the summer counseling enrollment information in the teaching group of class 6, grade 2, Chengguan primary school, Shangnan County, and recruited 20 students in total; From March 2021, another 10 students will be enrolled for paid make-up classes. Later, the science, education and Sports Bureau of Shangnan county held a admonitory conversation with the leading group of Chengguan primary school in Shangnan County, instructed the school to immediately organize and carry out self-examination and self correction of illegal paid make-up classes, and circulate a notice of criticism throughout the county. Li has been dismissed from the employment contract and refunded the make-up fee.

In addition, from March to may 2020, Feng, a teacher of the second primary school in Jingbian County, Yulin City, and Bai, a teacher of the eighth primary school, although they did not force or disguised force students or parents to buy additional teaching auxiliary materials, they answered and tutored the illegal teaching auxiliary materials in the classroom and counseling class, violating the relevant provisions that the teaching auxiliary materials in the “non directory” shall not enter the classroom. At present, Jingbian County Education Bureau ordered Feng to make a written inspection, circulate a notice of criticism in Jingbian County No. 2 primary school, and shall not participate in the evaluation of excellent models during the semester. Bai’s teacher ethics evaluation in 2020 was rated as grade C, and his qualification to participate in model selection and professional title promotion in that year was cancelled.

The two schools were disqualified for illegal enrollment

Shaanxi Provincial Department of education also reported two cases of illegal enrollment. Among them, Zhongshan experimental middle school in Huazhou District, Weinan City has the problems of false publicity and illegal enrollment. In the recruitment of senior one freshmen in 2020, the school used false publicity to recruit students in violation of regulations, which disrupted the enrollment order of ordinary high schools and caused adverse effects. Weinan Education Bureau conducted a serious investigation on the illegal enrollment of Zhongshan experimental middle school in Huazhou District, interviewed Huazhou Education Bureau and the chairman of the school, and cancelled the enrollment qualification of senior one freshmen in 2021.

In August 2020, Yan’an intelligent vocational school illegally enrolled 158 students in the name of Shenzhen intelligent times college without school running qualification. Yan’an Education Bureau instructed the proofreading related students to make economic compensation, investigated the organizer’s responsibility for running the school in violation of regulations, and stopped the enrollment of the school in 2021.

Shaanxi Provincial Department of education requires education administrative departments at all levels, schools at all levels and staff to draw lessons from the above typical problems, further strengthen the education and management of Party members, cadres and staff, focus on policy learning and warning education, continue to deepen the construction of teachers’ ethics, strengthen supervision and inspection and serious accountability, Create a good education ecology with clean air and positive atmosphere.